Regular College Faculty – Non Tenure Track

Hired primarily to teach courses for the university, although they may at times serve in an administrative or supervisory capacity or be assigned to research.

Appointment Period

One year, renewable annually.


The minimum written notice of non-renewal of a regular appointment that does not include an appointment end date will be as follows: During the first year of service in regular status (9 or 12 month basis), 3 months’ notice will be given before the end of the academic year (9 month employees) or the fiscal year (12 month employees). After the first year of service, 6 months’ notice before the end of the academic year (9 month employees) or fiscal year (12 month employees) will be given. Employment is contingent upon the availability of non-I&G funds shall be given at least 30 calendar days’ notice of non-renewal.


A non-tenure track faculty member may be dismissed for cause at any time that the member’s conduct becomes inimical to the students, the faculty, the educational program, or the university. The executive vice president and provost must approve any involuntary termination for cause.