Regular Extension Associate I – Non Tenure Track

Individuals hired into a Cooperative Extension Service position in regular to temporary status, full-time or part-time, funded principally (50 percent or more) by grants or other non-permanent funds, may be designated an extension associate. An extension associate cannot obtain tenure. When an extension associate either receives a master’s degree and/or recurring state funds become available, an extension associate may be considered for appointment to tenure-track status following normal appointment rules.

Appointment Period

One year, renewable annually.





Extension associates may be notified of non-renewal with proper notice: those in the first year of service will have 3 months’ notice prior to their anniversary date; those in the second or more years of service will have 6 months’ notice prior to their anniversary date.

Termination Period

A non-tenure track faculty member may be dismissed for cause at any time that the member’s conduct becomes inimical to the students, the faculty, the educational program, or the university. The executive vice president and provost must approve any involuntary termination for cause.