Postdoctoral Appointment

Exemplary scholars, who have recently been awarded a doctoral degree, and who wish to continue their education and research experience under the direction of a faculty member are eligible for consideration of a postdoctoral appointment.

Advertising for a postdoctoral appointment is optional, however, all interested individuals must be considered for the appointment.

Appointment Term

Appointments are full time (1 FTE) employment for at least on year, renewable annually, and not to exceed a total of five (5) years, absent an exceptional circumstance. Exceptions to reduce regular appointment FTE percentage (not less than .50 FTE) or the maximum term of five (5) years, will require written approval from the appropriate dean or equivalent administrator and the vice president of research. The annual term of employment shall be specific in the appointment letter.



Renewal, Non-Renewal and Termination

Sixty (60) days advance notice of annual renewal shall be given. Failure to give timely notice shall not prevent a renewal. Lack of notice of annual renewal constitutes confirmation of the end date specified on the annual appointment letter for two reasons:

  1. For just cause, in accordance with the university’s procedures governing involuntary termination of regular faculty; or
  2. Loss or reduction of funding affecting the position.