Research Faculty

Research is an important component of every academic activity, and is, therefore, the source of content for quality instructional programs. It is the policy of the university to recognize research as essential to the vitality of the university and to recognize the support of research as part of its institutional responsibility. It is also the policy of the university to promote academic inquiry and to protect academic freedom for those engaged in it.


Engineering professor Edgar Conley, right, works with a student in his lab.

Appointment Term

Appointments are for at least one annual year at a minimum of .5 FTE, and renewable annually. The annual term of employment shall be specific in the appointment letter or in other Human Resource Services documentation. Salaries are normally contingent on external funding, though a department or college may fund the salary of a research faculty member from internal funds for a short time while external funds are being sought. Research faculty members are evaluated annually and are eligible for salary increases and promotion to the next rank according to policies, procedures, and criteria set by the university and their colleges and departments.



Renewal, Non-Renewal and Termination

Research appointments are renewable annually for an unlimited time provided funding is available and annual evaluations demonstrate acceptable job performance. Failure to give timely notice shall not prevent a renewal, but lack of notice of annual renewal constitutes confirmation of the end date specified on the annual appointment letter or other HR Services documentation.

An annual research faculty appointment may be terminated prior to the end of the termination date specified in the appointment letter or other HR Services documentation for two reasons:

  1. Just cause, in accordance with the university’s procedures governing involuntary termination of regular faculty; or
  2. Loss or reduction in funding affecting the position.