Sabbatical & Other Leaves

NMSU provides leave benefits to all eligible employees. Leaves are defined in the NMSU Policy Manual. Requests for leave should be initiated at the departmental level and should be made according to college guidelines as well as NMSU Policy. Temporary faculty do not accrue leave.

  • Faculty leave does not normally exceed one year. If an exception is granted, the leave should not extend beyond a second year.
  • Periods of sabbatical, educational, and personal leave (with or without pay) do not normally count toward eligibility for tenure and/or promotion decisions. Professional leave periods may count toward tenure and/or promotion upon agreement among the faculty member, the department, and the administration.
  • Twelve-month faculty accrue and report use of annual and sick leave for all absences.
  • Nine-month faculty accrue and report use of Faculty Care Leave (FCL) for FMLA related absences.
  • Term appointment faculty accrue and report use of annual leave, but do not accrue sick leave.

Types of leave for 9 month and 12 month Faculty

Listed below are the common faculty leave types, click on the type of leave in the table below to access a brief summary.


Leave Types
Types of LeaveFaculty TypePolicy Reference
Annual Leave12 month 7.20.25
Sick Leave12 month7.20.75
Sick Leave Bank12 month7.20.80
Absence for Purpose of Course Registration9 month & 12 month7.20.05
Absence for Purpose of On-Campus Interview9 month & 12 month7.20.10
Employee Assistance Program9 month & 12 month7.08
Compassionate Leave9 month & 12 month7.20.30
Domestic Abuse Leave9 month & 12 month7.20.32
Educational Leave With Pay9 month & 12 month7.20.35
Educational Leave Without Pay9 month & 12 month7.20.35
Employee Tuition Remission Program Leave9 month & 12 month7.20.35
Faculty Care Leave

9 month7.20.42
Family and Medical Leave
9 month & 12 month7.20.45
Jury Duty and Court Witness9 month & 12 month7.20.50
Leave Without Pay
9 month & 12 month7.20.85
Military Duty (Regular Employees)
9 month & 12 month7.20.55
Military Leave
9 month & 12 month7.20.55
Professional Leave (Without Pay)
9 month & 12 month7.20.60
Sabbatical Leave

9 month & 12 month7.20.70