Evaluations & Performance Management

Staff Evaluations

THE EVALUATION SUBMISSION PERIOD IS CLOSED; therefore all information is in “read-only” mode at this time.

2020 Evaluation Year

Review Period: March 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Submission Period:  January 1, 2020 – March 16, 2020


New for the 2020 Evaluation Period

Supervisors are required to ensure that all subsequent goals for their employees are tied to LEADS 2025 Goals.  An instruction sheet is available in the Tools For Employees and Supervisors section below under LEADS 2025 Strategic Goals Instruction Sheet

Objectives and Actions for each of the LEADS 2025 Strategic Goals may be used as a guiding tool and can be found at https://www-1888.nmsu.edu/LEADS/goals.html; however, departments are also encouraged to use their own objectives and measurements that best fit the LEADS 2025 Strategic Goal to align with the employee’s job duties.  Follow this short instructional video on how to align employee goals: https://youtu.be/MzVjGbr3IKI

Performance evaluations are intended to provide valuable information to employees.  To achieve that outcome, performance ratings should be informative, valid and defensible.  Validity is the extent to which an employee’s performance rating corresponds to the employee’s actual performance of their job duties.  Reviews and ratings should not be determined on the basis of a person’s age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, serious medical condition, sex, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, or spousal affiliation.


The electronic application is the required tool for completion of all exempt and nonexempt performance evaluations. The electronic form is designed to assist supervisors by automatically populating necessary and up-to-date employee information. Scores will automatically be calculated within the forms and will be retrievable by HRS for recording into Banner. The electronic system also allows HRS to run reports and notify supervisors of missing evaluation forms in a more time-efficient manner.

Process: Supervisors should fill out evaluation forms for the staff who report to them. Upon completion of the form, it must be routed to the supervisor’s superior for his/her signature of approval. Once approved, the supervisor should review the evaluation with the employee. After reviewing the evaluation with the employee, the supervisor should then sign the evaluation. Finally, the employee shall sign his/her evaluation electronically. Electronic forms are automatically stored.

Regular Staff Evaluation Application & Schedule
Dates Online Staff Evaluations
January Begin completing evaluation forms online
Jan – Feb Route forms for approval then meet with employees
beginning March HR Liaisons to receive status reports of electronic forms
March 16 Evaluations forms due/Electronically signed by all parties


Faculty Evaluations

Each NMSU college is responsible for managing their own faculty performance evaluation process. Faculty should contact their Dean’s office for specifics regarding their college’s process and schedule. For more information, see ARP 9.20.


Tools for Employees & Supervisors

Resources available to help employees and supervisors with the evaluation process.
Tool/Document Description
LEADS 2025 Strategic Goals Instruction Sheet Instruction sheet for completing goals for the year ahead.
Online Evaluation User Guide (PDF) User guide describing system usage.
2020 Performance Evaluation Presentation PowerPoint describing system usage.
Online Evaluation Signature Routing Flow Chart (PDF) Chart depicting electronic routing process for those involved in the evaluation review/approval process.
Evaluation FAQs for Exempt Staff Form (DOCX) Frequently asked questions are answered.
Evaluation FAQs for Nonexempt Staff Form (DOCX) Frequently asked questions are answered.
Evaluation FAQs in General (DOCX) Frequently asked questions are answered.
Goal Planning Form (DOCX) To establish goals for new exempt and nonexempt staff who are too new to be evaluated.
Self Assessment Form for Exempt Staff (DOCX) See for information about Exempt Self Assessment Forms FAQ
Self Assessment Form for Nonexempt Staff (DOCX) See FAQs
Paper Evaluation for Exempt Staff (DOCX) For year-round documentation purposes only. All entries should be transferred over to electronic form for annual submission.
Paper Evaluation for Nonexempt Staff (DOC) For year-round documentation purposes only. All entries should be transferred over to electronic form for annual submission.
Performance Improvement Plan Templates (DOCX) Supervisors may choose from six templates to help draft up a plan to help an employee improve his/her performance within a designated period of time.
Performance Planning Index of Action Words (DOCX) Sample list of action words to help supervisors communicate goals and work assignments to employees.
Tips and Tools for Employee Recognition (DOCX) Informational sheet on the criteria for successful recognition and different types of recognition.
Training for Performance Management (http:/training.nmsu.edu/) To learn more about performance management, register for related workshops through the Center for Learning and Professional Development. They offer courses such as ‘Managing Your Performance Evaluation’ and ‘Performance Management’.