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This page contains some fillable PDF documents. Not all PDF viewers, particularly those embedded within browsers, are able to save data that is inputted into the fillable form fields. For best results, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader when completing fillable forms.
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Forms and Documents
Form NameFunctionPurpose
Additional Info for Nonexempt StaffingEmploymentUnion compliant form for department to provide additional info on newly posted positions.
Applicant Screening RecordEmploymentEmployer summary of applicant interview for federal reporting.
Background Check Release FormEmploymentAuthorization for department to obtain background info on a final candidate.
Beneficiary Designation Form Dearborn NationalBenefitsRetiree designation of person/s who will receive benefits in the event of insured's death.
Beneficiary Designation Form ERBBenefitsEmployee designation of who will receive benefits in the event of employee's death.
Benefit Enrollment/Change FormBenefitsFor new employees and those who have a qualifying event to enroll or change benefits for medical, dental, vision and life insurances. For Annual Open Enrollment, please see the Annual Enrollment site
Candidate Release FormEmploymentFor hiring department to obtain additional info on candidate's qualifications.
Conflict of InterestEmployee RelationsFor employees to report actual or perceived conflicts of interest or commitment annually (Sept. when initiated by HRS), upon hire or when conflict arises.
Department Personnel File ChecklistEmploymentFor managers to evaluate and record the types of documentation that are kept in the department personnel file.
Departmental Recruitment Checklist Exempt & NonexemptEmploymentAssists departments with the posting and hiring processes for staff positions.
Departmental Recruitment Checklist FacultyEmploymentAssists departments with the posting and hiring processes for faculty positions.
Disciplinary Action ChecklistEmployee RelationsDepartmental checklist to aid supervisors with the disciplinary process.
Domestic Partnership AffidavitBenefitsFor employees to declare domestic partnership to provide partner with benefits.
Domestic Partnership Termination FormBenefitsFor employees to terminate domestic partnership status to cease benefits for partner.
Electronic Personnel Security Request FormEmploymentFor department to request/cancel user security authority to process hires in PeopleAdmin.
Employee Separation ChecklistEmploymentChecklist to assist departments/supervisors in the separation process of an employee.
Evaluation Forms: Exempt & Nonexempt StaffEmployee RelationsClick link to go to webpage to determine appropriate evaluation process for your unit.
Evaluation/Performance Tools and FormsEmployee RelationsFor departments to establish goals for new employees who do not yet have a performance evaluation form.
Export Control Certification QuestionnaireEmploymentTo be completed by hiring authority for department sponsoring a non-immigrant visa applicant.
Faculty Leave Request FormBenefitsMay be used when tenured/non-tenured regular faculties are requesting a leave of absence. Some colleges have their own form. Please consult with the College Dean’s office prior to completion/submission.
Faculty Position Request FormCompensationFor departments to request a new faculty position or make changes to an existing vacant position.
Flexible Spending Account Forms & InformationBenefitsFor employees to authorize direct deposit to their FSA or HRA.
FMLA Request FormBenefitsTo request leave covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Form I-9 (SMART)

This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and downloads best with Internet Explorer.

EmploymentFor departments to complete collectively with new employees to verify their employment eligibility in accordance with US Citizenship & Immigration Svcs.
Form I-9, Remote FormEmploymentTo complete the Form I-9 process for hires occurring at remote NMSU locations.
FTE Change AcknowledgementEmploymentForm for departments to have completed by the employee to acknowledge FTE Change. Must be attached to FTE Change PAFs for regular positions.
Grievance Response Form (AFSCME)Employee RelationsFor departments to respond to union filed grievances.
In-Range Adjustment Request

Instruction & Info Sheet
CompensationFor departments to request to establish equitable salary relationships for exempt staff/filled unrestricted positions.
Insurance Premium Withdrawal AuthorizationBenefitsFor retirees to authorize an automatic withdrawal of their insurance premiums.
Invitation to Self Identify (Voluntary)EmploymentFor new employees to voluntarily self-identify their age, gender, ethnicity, veteran status, and disability for federal data reporting purposes.
Labor Redistribution Form (LRF) - DEPT USE ONLYFinance For departments to redistribute labor expenses.
Labor Redistribution Form (LRF) - ELECTRONICFinance For departments to electronically submit changes to redistribute labor expenses using MyNMSU. Requires approved access and training course.
New Employee Data FormEmploymentFor departments to request the creation of a new employee record for candidates who don't have an Aggie ID or have an Aggie ID but have never held a job within the NMSU system.
NMERB Employee Data FormBenefitsFor new hires/rehires/status changes/rehired retirees and return to work retirees to designate NMERB status. This form is required by NMERB.
Nonexempt Job Vacancy Selection AnnouncementEmploymentRequired union form for departments to announce the selected applicant for a vacant position.
Onboarding Checklist- Regular StaffEmploymentOnboarding for new regular employees takes place via NMSU's electronic hiring system (PeopleAdmin). To read more about it see
Onboarding Checklist- Temp StaffEmploymentA departmental guide to onboarding new temporary employees and orienting them to NMSU.
Personnel Action Form (PAF)EmploymentFor departments to make changes to employee records or job information.
Personnel File Review Request FormEmploymentFor employee to request a time to review his/her official personnel file.
Post Job Completion-Late Hire FormEmploymentFor departments to conduct a hire after the work period ended. These are for jobs that failed to be processed using the standard procedure.
Retiree Medical or Life Discontinuance FormBenefitsFor retirees to cancel coverage for themselves or dependents.
Retiree Tuition Remission Benefit AuthorizationBenefitsFor retirees to request tuition remission for NMSU courses.
Salary Reduction Agreement 403(b)BenefitsFor employees to begin, change, or stop salary deductions for 403(b), a voluntary retirement plan.
Salary Reduction Agreement 457(b)BenefitsFor employees to begin, change, or stop salary deductions for 457(b), a voluntary retirement plan.
Search Committee Orientation Request FormEmploymentFor departments to request an orientation of the Search Committee process.
Sensitive Duties ChecklistEmploymentFor departments to determine if a position requires a background check.
Sick Leave Bank Physician StatementBenefitsEmployee authorization for physician to provide Benefit Services with necessary condition or treatment information for Sick Leave Bank.
Sick Leave Bank Withdrawal RequestBenefitsFor employees to request withdrawal from Sick Leave Bank.
Faculty Term Position Request FormEmploymentFor departments to request creation of a Term Position. Term positions are non-regular, benefit eligible appointments.
Update Address or Phone NumberPayroll, EmploymentFor employees to update their address or phone number on file.
Verification of Employment RequestEmploymentFor employees to request proof of employment.


Letter of offer: Faculty- Temp (sample)EmploymentSample letter for department use when offering a temp faculty position.
Letter of offer: Faculty- Term (sample)EmploymentSample letter for department use when offering a term faculty position.
Letter of offer: Grad Assistant (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a graduate assistant position.
Letter of offer: Postdoc w/ contingency (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a postdoctoral position w/ contingency.
Letter of offer: Staff- Reg (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a staff position.
Letter of offer: Staff- Reg w/ contingency (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a staff position w/ contingency.
Letter of offer: Staff- Seasonal Temp (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a temp seasonal staff position.
Letter of offer: Staff- Temp (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a temporary staff position.
Letter of offer: Staff- Term (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when offering a term staff position.
Letter of Offer: Student (sample)Employment
Letter: Notification of Transfer Staff-Contingency (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for department use when notifying an employee of a transfer. Includes language for funding contingency.
Letter: Position Filled (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for departments to notify other applicants when a position is filled.
Letter: Posting Closed (sample)EmploymentA sample letter for departments to notify that a posting is closed.
Letters of offer: Faculty- Reg (samples)EmploymentSample letters for departments when offering a position to a selected candidate.
Interim/Acting Differential (sample)EmploymentSample letter for department use when requesting a differential
Managers Guide to Qualifying ApplicantsEmploymentGuide to qualifying applicants
FLSA Travel GuidelinesEmploymentGuide to determining FLSA travel pay requirements.