Separation Assistance

Cactus_Flowers_red.jpgThis site is intended to be a resource for employees who are separating from employment with NMSU due to the loss of grant or contract funding or non-renewal of funds for positions that were hired as contingent upon funding. Employees who have been affected by the loss of or a non-renewal of a grant or contract will have received a Notice of Separation from their department. Below are some resources to assist you in completing all necessary paperwork and answers to questions you may have before your separation date.

For Supervisors:

  • Employee Separation Checklist: This will assist supervisors in determining what items may be returned and what paperwork may be processed for an exiting employee. This form is not an all inclusive list and some information may not be applicable for all NMSU positions. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the retention of all items and completion of appropriate forms more specific to their internal operations.
Questions regarding job separation should be directed to Employee & Labor Relations at (575)646-2449 or