Exit Interview

New Mexico State University recognizes employees as their most valuable asset. The Exit Interview process is an important tool used to obtain statistical data to help with retention and recruiting efforts. Employees are strongly encouraged to participate in this process once the intent to vacate a position is announced in writing to the appropriate supervisor. The surveys are to be completed by the departing employee preferably during their final week of employment.

university_ave_n_mtns.jpgInterview Options

Take this survey if you are leaving NMSU.

NMSU Exit & Transfer Survey

Take this survey if you are leaving one position at NMSU for another.

NMSU Exit & Transfer Survey

You are also welcome to contact Employee & Labor Relations at (575) 646-2449 or elr@nmsu.edu to schedule an appointment to have your interview done in person with a Human Resource representative.


Exit interview forms are used for data and statistical purposes and to identify areas for improvement. After review by the ELR Director or designee, they will be filed confidentially within the office of Employee & Labor Relations. Suggestions and concerns may be addressed or shared with departments as necessary.


Questions regarding the survey may be addressed to elr@nmsu.edu or (575) 646-2449.