About Employee & Labor Relations and Mission Statement

ELR Staff

Maura Gonsior | 575-646-8501 | mgonsior@nmsu.edu | MS Teams: MGONSIOR

Donna Ottaviano | 575-646-5824 | dottavia@nmsu.edu | MS Teams: DOTTAVIA

Sarah Wheeler | 575-646-2318 | wheelers@nmsu.edu | MS Teams: WHEELERS

Joell Austin | 575-646-4765 | jaustin7@nmsu.edu | MS Teams: JAUSTIN7


Mission Statement

Employee & Labor Relations serves as a trusted resource to all NMSU employees, as well as a strategic partner to supervisors, managers, and department heads. We promote an environment of fair treatment and respect, in which all employees can be productive and successful. We ensure university policies are followed consistently. In all of our work, we are guided by our desire to exemplify Human Resource Services core values of Accountability, Customer Focus, Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration, High Performance, and Diversity & Inclusion. Employee & Labor Relations provides consultation, guidance, and oversight in the following areas:
  • Employee & Supervisor Consultations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Behavioral and performance related issues
  • Policy violations
  • Employee & Labor Relations Grievances/Appeals
  • Employee Disciplinary Action/Improvement Plans
  • Ethics Point Investigations
  • Facilitation/Mediation Assistance
  • Labor Relations
  • Union Contract
  • Labor Management Committee
  • General matters and dispute resolution
  • Investigations (guidance) & Corrective Action
  • Non-Renewals of contracts/dismissal
  • Layoffs/RIF’s
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Conflict of Interest Reporting
  • Annual Performance Evaluations (Staff)
  • Employee Exit Interviews
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Drug Testing Compliance & Training