Resignation Process

fullres_cruces_cactus_060803-681x1024.jpgRecommended Notice Period

Nonexempt staff: should submit a signed notice of resignation statement to his/her supervisor 2 weeks prior to the intended last working day. Exempt staff: should submit a signed notice of resignation state to his/her supervisor at least 30 days prior to the intended last working day. ARP 7.71 – Resignation- Notice Required; Impact on Benefits

Intra-NMSU Career Moves

Employees who have accepted another position within the NMSU system should provide the applicable nonexempt/exempt notice (as noted above) to the department the employee is leaving. It is at the discretion of the former supervisor and new supervisor to allow for exceptions in changing the end/start dates.

Withdrawal of Resignation/Reinstatement of Benefits

At the discretion of the Office of Human Resource Services, in consultation with the appropriate supervisor and/or administrative staff, a resignation from an employee otherwise in good standing may be permitted to be withdrawn. In the event a resignation is permitted to be withdrawn, employment benefits, including but not limited to seniority and accrued leave, may be reinstated, provided no more than five (5) business days have passed from the date of the official cessation of benefits.

The decisions by the Office of Human Resource Services relating to requests to withdraw a resignation or for reinstatement of benefits may not be appealed.


Special Note Regarding Benefits: Employees changing positions or leaving the university should make a point of contacting Benefit Services to discuss benefit and retirement options. Information can also be found in the Administrative Rules and Procedures. Benefit Services can be reached at 575-646-8000 or