For Supervisors

fullres_nmsu_sign_529_2000.jpgCongratulations on the new addition to your team! As a supervisor, this is your opportunity to effectively welcome your new employee into his/her job and into the NMSU community. Many new employees are very excited to become an Aggie and this is your chance to begin establishing a successful and productive working relationship. In doing so, it is important that you play an active role in the orientation process. Many people think that the purpose of new employee orientation is for Human Resource Services to collect all required paperwork and for the employee to signup for benefits; but for successful onboarding and long-term retention of the employee, you must go a step further. The first interactions with you should create a positive impression of your department, college or division at large, and the campus as a whole. The time you spend planning for your new employee's first few days and weeks on the job will tremendously increase the opportunity for a successful start for you both.


To assist you with successfully onboarding your new employee, NMSU utilizes an electronic onboarding process via NMSU's hiring system, PeopleAdmin. To learn more about this process, visit

New Employee Orientation Session

In addition to completing the Onboarding Checklist, please ensure that your new employee visits the New Employee Orientation webpage and registers for an orientation session. It is recommended that new employees attend an orientation session within their first 31 days of employment to ensure that deadlines for benefits enrollment are not missed.

Supervisor/Leadership Development

If supervising is a new role for you or you just want to brush up on your supervisory skills, you may consider registering for a Supervisor/Leadership Development session. Supervisor/Leadership Development is a program of management essentials for both new and experienced supervisors and managers. The curriculum, delivered through interactive workshops and structured training sessions, is designed to build competencies in new supervisors and strengthen competencies in experienced supervisors and managers.