Student Employees

students_outside_hadley.jpgStudent Employment/Handshake is a department within the Division of Student Success. Find information on student employment opportunities, upcoming career fairs, career planning, cooperative education, internships and federal, state and crimson scholar job opportunities.

Graduate Assistant Employment

Graduate assistants are engaged in the teaching and research mission of New Mexico State University and are vital to our success as a research institution. Click to review the Graduate Assistant Guidelines drafted by the Graduate School of NMSU. See: Graduate Health Insurance Benefits

Student Polices and Procedures (Student Employment Handbook)

Discipline related policies and procedures on: Alcohol; Drugs; Discipline and Law Enforcement; Mental Health, Prohibited Access, Restrictive Access, Sexual Misconduct; Student Academic Grievance, Student Non-Academic Grievance, Student Special Care policy.

Student Rights

Student Judicial Affairs; Student Code of Conduct; Discipline Related Policies and Procedures; Additional Policies and Procedures

Student Salary Tables

Additional Resources and Services for Current Students

Includes academic resources, co-curricular resources, and campus information.