NMSU Staff Compensation Assessment Project – 2021

Welcome to the New Mexico State University Staff Compensation Assessment Website! Human Resource Services is pleased to announce the completion of the salary study process and the review of the current classification structure. On this website, you will find the most up to date information related to this project including the Compensation Philosophy, Timeline with Associated Milestones and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.
The project will consist of a comprehensive review of staff salary and compensation policies, practices as necessary for overall system achievement. Our goals for the project include a review of staff compensation policies and practices, and also market data analysis and compensation structure.

Timeline & Associated Milestones

Major Work Steps

Position Profile Distribution

The position profile will be sent to departments pre-filled out based on banner (current data), job posting (last three years) and reclassification action information (last three years). Deadline to complete is three (3) weeks. One spreadsheet must be submitted back to HRS at teamhrs@nmsu.edu with the Subject Line: Position Profile Information_College/Division Name.

Frequently Asked Questions

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NMSU Compensation Philosophy

  1. NMSU is committed to providing a fair and competitive compensation program that will attract, retain, develop, and reward staff. The University’s goal is to provide a competitive total compensation package tied to the application of knowledge and skills and the achievement of institutional goals. In addition, the compensation program will comply with all applicable laws.
  2. NMSU is committed to maintaining a work environment free of discrimination and encourages all employees to strive to reach their full potential.
  3. The compensation philosophy for NMSU is based on a commitment to hire and retain qualified, motivated employees at all levels within the institution while meeting the needs of the University. This philosophy is the foundation of NMSU’s compensation system and is designed to support the successful attainment of the university’s vision, mission, values, and institutional objectives.
  4. NMSU aspires to support our values through a compensation program that provides:
    1. Competitive salary ranges to enable the recruitment and retention of qualified employees.
    2. A performance planning and common review process that works to develop the abilities of each employee and provide the feedback necessary to ensure their success.
    3. Administrative systems that are designed to systematically and equitably manage pay on a University-wide basis, yet allow the flexibility needed to be effective in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.
    4. Communications that will support a general understanding of compensation programs throughout the University.
  5. It is the objective of the University to ensure that the compensation plan is fair, internally equitable, externally competitive, links pay to performance, is widely understood and accepted by those it affects. The objectives are as follows:
    1. To be Fair - A plan that is fair to both the individual and the University.
    2. To be Internally Equitable - A fairness criterion that directs an employer to establish wage rates that correspond to each position's relative value to the organization, which may include consideration of experience, education, and skills.
    3. To be Externally Competitive - Specific to a particular classification, and the “market” for the skills needed. Pay ranges that are comparable to those offered by local, regional and where appropriate, national employers for specific circumstances.
    4. To Link Pay and Performance - Individual performance, institutional performance, and the needs of the University will all be considered when determining pay.
    5. To be Understood and Accepted - A commitment by the University to communicate and maintain a compensation program based on transparency.
  6. All compensation and salary actions are subject to the availability of necessary financial resources.

Committee Members

The Committee members have signed an agreement to keep the project information confidential and not to use any of the information provided to them for any purpose other than what is intended for this project.


Name Title Representative
Gena Jones Asst VP HRS/Chief HR Officer Human Resource Services
Abigail Denham Dir, Employment & Compensation Services Human Resource Services
Joseph Almaguer HR Operations Unit Coord Employee Council
Yvonne Mendoza Admin Asst, Inter AFSCME
Juanita Hannan Dir, Research & Budgeting/DE College of Education
Suzanne Berger Dir, Facs & Services Admin Facilities & Services
Norma Grijalva Chief Information Officer Information & Communication Technologies
D'Anne Stuart Assc VP Admin & Finance Administration & Finance
Alisha Giron Assistant Vice President for Research, Administration Vice Pres Research
Patrick Klingman CC Chief Student Affairs, SM Grants Community College
HRS UEPIG Board HRS User Experience Process Improvement Group


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Faculty Compensation Studies

 In concert with its Strategic Plan, LEADS 2025, Goal 4 – Build a Robust University System, NMSU continuously seeks to undertake process improvements leading to incorporation of best practices in its day-to-day operations. Ensuring NMSU has appropriate policies and procedures in place to guide faculty compensation practices is a Goal 4 priority of Provost Carol Parker, and HRS Assistant Vice President, Gena Jones.  Information is located at https://provost.nmsu.edu/provost-office-projects/faculty-compensation/index.html.