Student Jobs

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Types of Student Employment

Regular Student Employee: A part-time employee who is enrolled as a full-time student (Twelve undergraduate or nine graduate credits) at New Mexico State University, and whose primary purpose for being at the University is the achievement of a degree, diploma, or certificate. This person's term of employment is subordinate to the pursuit of an educational objective. rotc_student.jpg


Work-Study: The work-study program is administered by the Financial Aid Office to provide funding for student employment on campus and some non-profit agencies in the community. There are three categories: Federal, State, and Crimson Scholar. Work-study is funded by federal, state, and/or institutional allocations and is awarded to students who qualify. The federal and state monies must be matched by employers. The current match is 70% (government) and 30% (employer), and is subject to change due to federal requirements and/or availability of funds. Participants in the Teacher Education Co-op Program are employed under the federal or state work-study eligibility criteria. Those seeking more information on the work-study program may access the web site at or call (575) 646-6157.


Crimson Scholar Work-Study: A university-wide program administered by the Honors College that recognizes academic achievements of students, offering several benefits to students who qualify. One of the benefits of being a Crimson Scholar is the opportunity to work in an academic area and have compensation supplemented by a work-study award (50/50 for Crimson Scholar work-study). Information on the Crimson Scholar Program may be obtained by calling the Financial Aid Office at (575) 646-4105. NMSU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Offer of employment is contingent upon verification of individual’s eligibility for employment in the United States.