New Employee Onboarding

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Onboarding  Implementation

What is Onboarding?

united-150x150.jpg Onboarding is more than just new employee orientation; it is a process that goes beyond orientation and benefits paperwork to engage an employee over several days, weeks and sometimes months. Successful onboarding can be obtained in part by arranging tasks and activities to acclimate new and internal hires into their position and/or with NMSU.

Onboarding Began

Effective November 2014, HR Services began using an onboarding system to help guide NMSU hiring departments and their new hires through a sequential onboarding process within our PeopleAdmin (PA) system. Only new employees will actively work within the Onboarding PA system, hiring departments will be prompted for tasks via email.

Onboarding Event Types

We have created three event types, External, Internal and Senior Administrator, to be customized for the different hire types that take place within the PA system. Below are some flow diagrams and simple task charts that outline the tasks in general and provide an overall picture of the process of events.


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Onboarding Task Flow Diagrams
Flow diagram provides detail of onboarding process:

Onboarding Simple Task Chart
Contains the complete listing of onboarding tasks description and detail:

Suggested Checklists for Supervisors
Links to suggested checklists that supervisor should review with employee: