PAF Toolkit

This toolkit will contain all information needed to submit a Personnel Action Form (PAF).


PAF Submission Process

Signed PAFs with all supporting documentation attached should be emailed to The email subject line should read “: PAF Last Name, First Name, Aggie ID”. If multiple PAFs are submitted in one email, the email body should contain the list of PAFs being submitted including Last Name, First Name & Aggie ID.

 **NEW Premium Pay (Non-Exempt)**

All non-exempt employees receiving a differential will have their differential converted to premium pay. All existing differentials have been converted automatically. The designation for premium pay is located in BANNER(NBAJOBS) under the – Payroll Default Tab. The code will indicate the type of premium pay.  Below is a list of the premium pay category codes. The hourly rate will not change on NBAJOBS, only the addition of the Premium Pay Code on the Payroll Default tab will be visible.

Premium pay will be utilized for non-exempt differentials only. Exempt positions with a differential will continue to see an additional suffix for the differential.

If premium pay is needed for a non-exempt employee, the effective date will be the 1st of the month after HRS receives of the PAF. Premium pay cannot be paid retroactively, no exceptions. The end date must correspond with the end of a pay period (15th or 31st).  As outlined in the table below, premium pay is based on a set dollar amount or percentage.

How to Process: The department will submit a PAF with the supplemental documentation attached. The comments must indicate the category code and description. See Example PAF

PAF Fields

Section 1:
Enter the Employee ID, Employee Name, Position Number, Suffix, ECLS and ORG from their primary position.

Section 3:
Effective Date - (first of the month after received by HRS)
Change Code – ADIFF – Add Differential/Premium Pay
End Date – Must coincide with end of pay period (15th or 31st)

Section 4: Required Comments:
Add Premium Pay Differential - Start Date - End Date
Category Code: (Choose appropriate code from table)
Description: (Choose appropriate description from table)
Percentage - X% or Amount $#.##

Please visit for complete and up-to-date  Pay and Earning Codes.


Premium Pay Category Code

Category Code Description Pay Code Earning Code Percent Amount
DF01 Geographic Location GL DGL 6.50%  
DF02 Hardship HD DHD   $1.25
DF03 Multilingual ML DML   $0.10
DF04 Special SP DSP 10%  
DF05 PSL Premium PS DPL 10%  
DF06 Geographic + Multilingual GL DGL 6.50%  
ML DML   $0.10
DF07 Special + Multilingual SP DSP 10%  
ML DML   $0.10
DF08 Geographic Location-CEMRC GL DGL 14%  
DF16 Field Training Officer P1 DP1   $1.30
DF17 Interim Sergeant P2 DP2 6%  
DF18 Interim Lieutenant P3 DP3 6%  
DF19 Fld Training Ofc + Interim SGT P1 DP1   $1.30
P2 DP2 6%  
DF20 Fld Training Ofc + Interim LT P1 DP1   $1.30
P3 DP3 6%  


PAF Guidance

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