EPAF Implementation

What is EPAF?

EPAF stands for Electronic Personnel Action Form, it is the final streamlined solution for many hiring processes that are/were taking place using various other systems. EPAFs for different hire types will be rolled out as they are completed. Information about each implementation will be listed on this page.

Here are some of the primary features/tools that EPAF provides to improve the hiring experience for colleges/departments:

  • Data Validation- verifies employee data entered is correct and will pre-populate fields where appropriate
  • Name Search- ability to input the Aggie ID or search for the ID through a name look-up feature
  • View Existing Jobs- ability to view existing jobs, university wide
  • Rehire into previous position– easily rehire incumbents into the same job within the same department
  • Date validation– based on the type of hire, the system will validate the date to reduce errors
  • Reduced approval routing steps– Actions will no longer route to Employment Services for review and approval. Colleges/Divisions will will be responsible for reviews and approvals. Actions will be processed into Banner for payment after only three steps from origination
  • Tracking of actions- track hiring actions submitted by you. No more paper copies to retain!


Temporary Staff EPAFs

Initiative Posted: September 10, 2013
Status: Implemented December 2, 2013

The following EPAFs have been completed and released through MyNMSU effective Monday, December 2, 2013.

  • HETHIR for Temporary Exempt Staff;
  • HNTHIR for Temporary Non-Exempt Staff; and
  • HESHIR for the establishment of Supplemental Compensation for Exempt Staff. (Note: Temp Faculty Supplemental Comp is done through the Faculty Hire EPAF- HFTHIR)

These EPAFs will replace the Banner E-Hire Process that is currently in place. Effective December 2, 2013, E-Hire will not be available to process hires for these types of positions, Employee Class beginning with “E”, “N”, or “Z”.

Read the full implementation memo distributed to departments here.

Student Hire EPAF

Initiative Posted: June 26, 2013
Status: Implemented July 29, 2013

The Student Hire EPAF is live effective Monday, July 29, 2013. Training for the system is in session. Register here for training

Student Hire EPAF Roll-out Schedule

July 8, 2013

July 29, 2013

  • SES Ventana is decommissioned. Recruitment/posting is no longer required for Regular Student employment. If you would like to recruit, AggieCAREER Manager replaces SES Ventana for posting student jobs. Training for AggieCAREER Manager is being offered by Career Services. Registration can be completed at https://trainingcentral.nmsu.edu/Saba/Web/Main/goto/GuestCourseDetailURL?otId=cours000000000001364&callerPage=/learning/offeringTemplateDetails.xml
  • E-Hire will no longer allow student hiring requisitions to be generated
  • Student Hire EPAF goes live in MyNMSU
    • Fall semester student hires will now be processed through EPAF. However, the start date of employment must be August 16th, 2013 or later.
    • Student employees of all hire types will be hired using one new position number (including community colleges). This is a more efficient process and benefits the student with a single time sheet per department, regardless of the type of student employment (work-study, regular, co-op).
  • By July 29th all student employee jobs will be terminated in Banner with an effective date of August 15th, 2013.  Departments will be provided a report of terminated student employees.
  • Departments are responsible for rehiring all actively working students for employment effective August 16th, 2013 or later.
August 15, 2013

Student employees are terminated. If students are continuing employment beyond this date, departments will be required to hire the student on or after August 16th, utilizing the new position numbers and EPAF process.

August 16, 2013

Earliest effective date for student employees hired through EPAF.


Visit the Recruitment and Hiring toolkit for: Student Employees


Temporary Faculty and Graduate Assistantship Hires

Initiative Posted: April 2, 2013
Status: Implemented April 2013

We are happy to announce that we are implementing the final streamlined solution, Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) for Temporary Faculty (TFAC) and Graduate Assistantship (GA) hires. The EPAF implementation details and originator and approver training sessions will be announced shortly. EPAF processing is conducted in myNMSU. In order to prepare for your colleges EPAF implementation, please complete the following:

  • Complete the required security access form Electronic Personnel Security Request (found at http://af.nmsu.edu/forms/), route appropriately for approval within your college and submit to ICT University Computer Center.
  • Register for EPAF Training
  • Upon completion of training, your college shall begin processing TFAC and GA hires through EPAF; spreadsheets will no longer be accepted.
For more information, visit our Hiring Toolkits page.