PeopleAdmin Implementation


What is PeopleAdmin? PeopleAdmin is the leading provider of online human resource service modules for higher education. It currently supports over 500 Higher Ed institutions and is a collaborative partner with Ellucian (Banner and HireRight’s higher education software services). PeopleAdmin offers NMSU an Applicant Tracking Module to collect and review employment application materials online while providing feedback to applicants regarding the status of their job search. They also offers a Position Management module that enables hiring managers to maintain current and accurate staff job descriptions online as these descriptions facilitate the creation of job requisitions, job postings and hiring proposals.


Implementation of PeopleAdmin 7.6  |  Calendar Year 2013

An upgrade from PeopleAdmin 5.8 to version 7.6 has occurred. Though we “upgraded” to a new version, it really was a full re-implementation of efforts for us. In addition to the staff hiring taking place in PeopleAdmin, this latest version allows for faculty positions to be posted and recruited for electronically.

Status: Complete, Implemented October 3, 2013
Started: Winter 2011
Scheduled Implementation Date: October 4, 2013
Departments Involved: Employment Services, Compensation Services, HR Information Systems, HRS Central Administration, Center for Learning and Professional Development, ICT Financial Information Services and the PeopleAdmin Consultant team.

Implementation Updates:

  • 09/11/13- PeopleAdmin 7.6 Upgrade announcement distributed via email

System Login Information

Applicants will continue to access job postings through the Job Search page which guides them into the PA system seamlessly through the URL: depending on the type of job they are looking for (staff, faculty, temp, etc.).

Department hiring staff will continue to login to the PA system at to post jobs and review applicants.

To ensure your sites work properly:

  • Internal users should clear their cache and their cookies.
  • Applicants will likely need to clear their cache and their cookies.
  • Bookmarks will need to be updated.

User Role Changes

Due to increased functionality in PA 7.6 and the Search Committee process, a slight change in user roles will occur. The following table indicates the current role name and the new role it is mapped to as well as additional new roles. The scope indicates the level of authority within the university for each role.

List of user role changes from previous versions of PeopleAdmin
Current Role – PA 5.8 New Role – PA 7.6 Scope – PA 7.6
Hiring Assistant Department Authority Department
Hiring Manager Department Authority Department
Approving Authority Approving Authority  (no change) Department
Human Resources Human Resources  (no change) University
Budget Budget  (no change) University
OIE (Ofc. of Institutional Equity) OIE  (no change) University
Security Security  (no change) University
  HR View University
  EVPP University
  Search Committee Chair Committee
  Search Committee Member Committee

System Transition

In order to facilitate a successful transition of systems, the current system must be inactivated while the upgraded 7.6 system goes live. We anticipate a period of three business days of downtime. As we get closer to making the change, all departments will be informed of the final posting and hiring window in the current 5.8 system before it is inactivated. We anticipate the final posting and hiring window will begin no later than September 14 and will be limited to 14 calendar days. Departments who are not able to open and close a posting within the final window will be asked to wait to post job announcements until PA 7.6 is fully functional (October 4, 2013); however, posting exceptions may be allowed in critical situations based on extenuating circumstances.


Training sessions, conducted by the Center for Learning & Professional Development, will be offered weekly during October and November for users identified as department users by HRS.  The training will be demonstration with hands-on practice to help develop key navigation and functional skills.  Training will cover navigation, position management for staff positions, job posting of staff positions, hiring proposals and hiring confirmations.  For those hiring faculty, a demonstration of faculty postings and screening will also be presented.  Users at remote locations will be invited via email to “sit-in” on a session via Adobe Connect.  Seating is limited so advance registration is required.  The training schedule will be available in Training Central no later than September 20th.  To register for a training session, click or copy the following link:

Security Access

If you are new and need access to the system; or if you need to modify your access, please complete the Electronic Personnel Security Request Form found online at User security access is required for those attending training sessions.

New Features and Improvements for Applicants in PA 7.6:

  • Key Word search within postings
  • Browser’s “Back” button works within system
  • User-friendly display for applicant to see a full list of positions they’ve applied for
  • Easy navigation to save applications by section and complete later
  • Allows more characters per entry field
  • Easier process to attach documents such as resumes and transcripts

Though there are many improved applicant features that we are excited about, all previously created applications are unfortunately not transferable from the PA 5.8 to PA 7.6.   PA 7.6 allows applicants to setup a new user account only when they apply for a specific position within PA 7.6.  Prior to going live, HR Services will post a message on the NMSU jobs webpage informing applicants about this change.

New Features for Department Processors and HRS in PA 7.6:

  • User-friendly interface with tabs and drill-down options
  • Easier to add and use supplemental questions in rating candidates
  • “Alert” section to highlight pending items
  • “Shortcuts” and “My Links” are new customizable tools
  • Ability to add or remove columns and save personal preferences
  • Ability to easily export report data to Excel
  • Ability to post site announcements such as holiday schedule or other important messages
  • Statistical analysis tools available to compare applicants
  • Spell check for text entry fields
  • For Position Description Records-Customized views; default searches; report exports and bulk edit options
  • Search Committee Member accounts-Ability to add members and notify them via email

New Features for Search Committees in PA 7.6:

  • Create search committees, select committee members and designate a chairperson.
  • Allow committee members to add comments and rank candidates on customized evaluative criteria such as quality of experience and teaching philosophy.
  • Automatically calculate ranking results.
  • Portfolio materials are submitted electronically, so committee members can view all documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Submit and review confidential reference letters.

If you have questions regarding PeopleAdmin, please contact your HRS Team Partner.




Implementation of PeopleAdmin 5.8  |  Calendar Year 2011

Effective October 10, 2011, PeopleAdmin will be the system used to process hires for regular exempt and regular nonexempt positions (as it has replaced E-Hire in this regard). It streamlines the internal processes for posting jobs and selecting applicants while providing applicants with timely feedback.

Implementation Updates:

User Security

Banner E-Hire roles were used as a guide in determining the level of access in PeopleAdmin. If system access changes are required, an Electronic Personnel Security Request form (found at must be completed and submitted to ICT University Computer Center.

Applicant Login Information

Applicants will continue to access job postings from the Employment Opportunities page. However, they will be entering the PeopleAdmin system through the URL: If you have questions regarding PeopleAdmin, please contact your Business Partner.