Reports To Self-Service Conversion

Information on this page is intended for HR Liaisons who have attended the September 2012 HR Liaison meeting.

What is changing and why?

Effective October 1, 2012, all time/leave approvers for regular positions will be changed in Self-Service from the Time Sheet Organization Approver to the person assigned as the Reports To approver. In order to maintain accurate approval structures, Reports To position number tracking was implemented for regular positions by HR Services over a year ago. By maintaining accurate Reports To information in Banner, supervisory relationships are easily identified and processes such as the Conflict of Interest, Exempt Staff Performance Evaluation, and Tuition Waiver now rely on this information for electronic approval routing.

To implement this change, HR Services is meeting with departmental HR Liaisons to discuss the impact of the change as well as to seek out and correct any potential issues prior to the conversion. HRS is committed to making this transition occur as smooth as possible by providing HR Liaisons and employees with the information they need to know.

What Employees Need to Know

This information will be emailed to employees by HR Services.
There will be no change to the processing steps required to complete a Time Sheet or Leave Report through Self-Service and the normal submission deadlines will remain in effect. However, employees must do the following.

  • SEPTEMBER Leave Report/Time Sheet
    When completing and submitting your final September 2012 Time Sheet or Leave Report, they must select the one where the radio button under “My Choice” indicates a TS Org# (e.g. T12345). The final September Leave Report or Time Sheet must be the last submission made to a TS Org#.
  • OCTOBER Leave Report/Time Sheet
    When the October 2012 Time Sheet or Leave Report has been started, employees must select the one where the radio button under “My Choice” indicates a simply their department name and number. Once first October Time Sheet or monthly October Leave Report has been submitted, employees will no longer have two routing options to choose from.

NOTE: Failure to submit your first October Time Sheet or Leave Report to your approver’s position number may result in a delay in pay or inaccurate leave balances.

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