Position Classification Title: Mgr,Recycle/Waste/Custodian
Position Classification Code: K4083
Job Family: Grounds and Facilities
Pay Level: 09
Exempt Status: Exempt
This description is intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed. It is not intended to be a complete list of specific duties of any particular position. Duties, responsibilities and bargaining unit eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.
Purpose of Classification:
Plans, develops, implements, and monitors the University Solid Waste/Recycling program and provides leadership for the Custodial Staff teams. Manages the activities performed by employees, students, contractors, and consultants who collect contained or uncontained refuse or who transfer solid waste.
Standard Duties:
Manages the activities performed by the custodial staff employees, students, contractors, and consultants who collect contained or uncontained refuse or who transfer solid waste. Oversees the supervision of personnel, which includes work allocation, training(administrative, customer service and technical), promotion and enforcement of internal procedures and controls, and problem resolution; evaluates performance and makes recommendations for personnel actions; motivates employees to achieve peak productivity and performance; Ensures adherence to established University and departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance programs, and safety standards; Develops and implements strategies and long range plans to accomplish the unit's mission and to achieve overall success in accomplishing desired quality performance standards; Manages the project cleaning work activities. Supervises and coordinates activities of any contractors engaged in recycling,custodial, and related services; Evaluates existing recyclables and solid waste, analyzes recyclable collection data, and monitors recycling markets and trends; Interfaces with solid waste hauling contractors to oversee safe and efficient transport; Monitors and supervises implementation of campaign initiatives for comprehensive educational recycling programs for university personnel; Develops procedures for various administrative activities to ensure recycling performance initiatives are fully met; Administers the operating budget for the department and approves invoices for payment; Investigates and responds to questions from customers and outside agencies regarding solid waste/recycling programs; Manages the custodial services procurement activities; provides technical expertise in custodial areas specific to the health center, and educational facilities; Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of university and department policies and procedures; principles and practices of organization and administration; principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation; federal, state, county, and city health and environmental codes; safety procedures; all aspects of recycle/solid waste reduction; specified and equipment related to recycle/solid waste.
Skills in short- and long-range planning; problem analysis and resolution; report preparation and presentation; public contact and relations; oral and written communication; operating a computer; budget preparation and fiscal management.
Ability to direct, evaluate, train, and supervise the work of assigned personnel; develop and maintain effective working relationships; maintain accurate and orderly records; use independent judgment and initiative; organize and direct activities; analyze and evaluate information; coordinate quality assurance programs; monitor and/or maintain quality control standards.
Minimum Qualifications:
   Education- Bachelor's degree in a related field.
   Experience- Five (5) years of experience directly related to the standard duties as outlined.
   Equivalency- None
   Departmental Requirements-
   Special Requirements-