Position Classification Title: Computer Operator,Sr
Position Classification Code: M3025
Job Family: Information Technology
Pay Level: 06
Exempt Status: Non-exempt
This description is intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed. It is not intended to be a complete list of specific duties of any particular position. Duties, responsibilities and bargaining unit eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.
Purpose of Classification:
Under general supervision, operates and monitors computer and peripheral equipment, such as printers, tape and disk drives. Selects and loads input and output, observes operation of equipment, control panels, error lights, verification printouts, error messages and faulty output. Researches error messages and manipulates console to resequence job steps after a job is interrupted.
Standard Duties:
Usually works with minimum supervision, conferring with superior on unusual matters. May be assisted by Associate/Intermediate level personnel. Assignments are broad in nature, usually requiring originality and ingenuity. Has appreciable latitude for unrelieved action or decision. Initializes computer with required system software and operates computer system as directed. Monitors computer and network systems using operating systems utilities; interprets console messages from system software or applications program, and performs required actions. Performs daily backup of systems. Handles input and output media with due care for integrity of data and utility of media for subsequent use. Maintains records required to supplement console log, including problem documentation and actions taken, computer utilization logs, file identification, and similar data. Researches error messages and manipulates console to resequence job steps after a job is interrupted.Instructs and oversees the activities of student and regular employees performing the same type of work. May serve as a resource to others in the resolution of complex problems and issues. Performs problem reporting and assistance on various systems for departmental users. Maintains applicable records including user lists and equipment inventories.Works on weekend and/or shift rotation schedules. Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of current technological developments/trends in area of expertise. Knowledge of computer systems backup requirements and procedures. Knowledge of computer input and output media. Knowledge of computer job control procedures.
Records maintenance skills. Database management skills.
Ability to utilize computer operating systems utilities. Ability to initialize and operate computer hardware and software systems. Ability to analyze and solve problems. Ability to document work in progress.
Minimum Qualifications:
   Education- High School diploma or GED certificate.
   Experience- Five (5) years of experience related to the standard duties as outlined.
   Equivalency- Completion of a post-secondary degree or certificate may substitute for years of experience.
   Departmental Requirements-
   Special Requirements-