Position Classification Title: Research Engineer,Assc
Position Classification Code: R3050
Job Family: Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Pay Level: 11
Exempt Status: Exempt
This description is intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed. It is not intended to be a complete list of specific duties of any particular position. Duties, responsibilities and bargaining unit eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.
Purpose of Classification:
Under general supervision, Plans and conducts research in field or specialization of an engineering discipline to discover facts, or performs research directed toward investigation, evaluation, and application of known engineering theories and principles. Devises new approaches to problems encountered.
Standard Duties:
Plans and conducts engineering research requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard engineering and scientific techniques. Applies an analytical approach to the solution of a wide variety of problems, or applies specialized techniques or ingenuity in selecting and evaluating approaches to unforeseen or novel problems. Demonstrates and applies thorough understanding of engineering methods, research protocols, assessment instruments, and data interpretation. Independently performs most research assignments with instructions as to the general results expected; receives guidance on unusual or complex problems. Designs, performs, and/or oversees engineering experiments, tests, and data collection to ensure data integrity, quality control, and protocol compliance. Coordinates activities of engineering functions and encourages interchange of information, ideas, and techniques among various engineering fields. Reviews and evaluates results and conclusions of research projects. Writes or assists in writing grant proposals; as appropriate, serves as principal investigator on projects of complexities consistent with above criteria. Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts. Knowledge of current technological developments/trends in area of expertise. Knowledge of engineering and/or scientific research principles, practices, and protocols. Knowledge of engineering/scientific experiments, tests, and data collection protocols.
Skill in the use of personal computers and related software applications. Skill in the use of routine laboratory equipment.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to conduct systematic analysis and develop solutions to complex scientific problems. Ability to design, organize, and coordinate scientific and/or engineering research projects. Ability to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on research data and findings. Ability to perform independent, original research in an advanced area of scientific expertise. Ability to use independent judgment to develop model concepts and approaches for research.
Minimum Qualifications:
   Education- Master's degree in Engineering.
   Experience- One (1) year of professional experience directly related to the standard duties as outlined.
   Equivalency- None
   Departmental Requirements-
   Special Requirements-