Position Classification Title: Mgr,Farm Ranch
Position Classification Code: R4005
Job Family: Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Pay Level: 09
Exempt Status: Exempt
This description is intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed. It is not intended to be a complete list of specific duties of any particular position. Duties, responsibilities and bargaining unit eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.
Purpose of Classification:
Plans, manages and supervises the farming/ranching and administrative operation of research which is part of an agricultural and/or livestock research center, as appropriate to the position.
Standard Duties:
Supervises two or more employees, or their equivalent, on a regular basis. Makes decisions regarding hiring, evaluation, promotion and termination of employees, or makes related recommendations that are given particular weight. Develops, plans, schedules and monitors work projects and farm activities such as planting, irrigating, harvesting and mixing experimental feed according to formulas. Inspects buildings, machinery and equipment and makes evaluations of repairs and maintenance needed; assigns duties to supervised staff. Coordinates with project leaders to determine their research needs; determines whether request is feasible and, if so, assigns plot of land and allocates staff resources. Develops budget for the upcoming year, estimating cost for operations, travel, wages and capital equipment. Interprets and enforces rules and regulations for the farm operation; meets with farm personnel to provide information concerning rules and regulations. Monitors the maintenance or maintains records of the farm activities such as, crop summaries, crop prices, weather conditions, feeding and care of livestock, personnel information and farm expenses. Purchases and authorizes the purchase of supplies such as herbicides, pesticides, livestock feed and fertilizers. Markets commodities produced on the farm, through approved channels.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of experimental farming including procedures and controls. Knowledge of specified local, state and federal regulations and mandates. Knowledge of shop skills necessary for the maintenance of farm machinery. Knowledge in the management of major farming operations.
Skill in the operation of all farm machinery.
Ability to effectively communicate.
Minimum Qualifications:
   Education- Bachelor's degree in a related field.
   Experience- Three (3) years of experience directly related to the standard duties as outlined.
   Equivalency- Any equivalent combination of education and experience as approved by HR Services
   Departmental Requirements-
   Special Requirements-