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New Mexico State University

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Position Tile Level Code Job Family
Acad Advisor 07 P3007 Student Affairs
Acad Advisor,Ld 08 P3011 Student Affairs
Acad Success Suprt Cntr Coord 09 P3010 Student Affairs
Academic Ops Support Ofcr 10 R4032 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Accessibility Officer 09 L1022 Human Resources
Accountant,Assc 06 C3005 Business, Accounting and Finance
Accountant,Inter 07 C3004 Business, Accounting and Finance
Accountant,Ld 10 C3002 Business, Accounting and Finance
Accountant,Sr 09 C3003 Business, Accounting and Finance
Accounts Receivable Coord 07 C1006 Business, Accounting and Finance
Admin Asst,Assc 04 T5001 Administrative/Clerical
Admin Asst,General 03 T5002 Administrative/Clerical
Admin Asst,Inter 05 T4001 Administrative/Clerical
Admin Asst,Special/Executive 07 T3002 Administrative/Clerical
Admin Asst,Sr 06 T3001 Administrative/Clerical
Admissions Advisor,Dept 06 P3001 Student Affairs
Admissions Advisor,Univ 07 P3030 Student Affairs
Admissions Advisor,Univ Sr 08 P3090 Student Affairs
Ag Commodity Grader,Assc 06 U4063 NMDA
Ag Commodity Grader,Inter 07 U4057 NMDA
Ag Commodity Grader,Sr 08 U4032 NMDA
Ag Commodity Grader,Trainer 09 U4029 NMDA
Ag Marketing Specialist,Assc 07 U4077 NMDA
Ag Marketing Specialist,Inter 08 U4027 NMDA
Ag Marketing Specialist,Sr 09 U4074 NMDA
Ag Science Center Laborer 04 K4084 Grounds and Facilities
Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic 09 R5064 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Alumni Relations Officer 06 J2025 External Affairs
Alumni Relations Officer,Ld 09 J2004 External Affairs
Alumni Relations Officer,Sr 08 J2002 External Affairs
Analyst,Football 5C D3080 Athletics
Anchor/Reporter 08 J2035 External Affairs
Announcer 05 J2013 External Affairs
Annual Giving Officer,Ld 10 J1003 External Affairs
Annual Giving Officer,Sr 09 J3002 External Affairs
Art Museum Coord 07 R5025 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Assc Athl Dir,Business & Fin 12 D3073 Athletics
Assc Athl Dir,Compliance 09 D2003 Athletics
Assc Athl Dir,Men Athl Prgm 12 D3003 Athletics
Assc Athl Dir,Sports Admin 12 D3004 Athletics
Assc Athl Trainer 08 D3030 Athletics
Assc Coach,Women Softball 3C D3037 Athletics
Assc Controller 13 C1024 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc Dean of Students 10 P2015 Student Affairs
Assc Dean,ACES 15 A3013 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Arts & Sciences 14 A3014 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Business 16 A3012 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,CES 15 A3015 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Education 14 A3020 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Engineering 15 A3017 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Graduate School 14 A3019 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Health Related Prof 14 A3021 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dean,Library & Info Sci 13 A3011 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Dir, Mktg & Creative Svcs 10 J2049 External Affairs
Assc Dir,Acad Adv & Stu Supp 11 P1017 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Admissions 10 P1004 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Advancement 10 J4079 External Affairs
Assc Dir,AES 14 R4039 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Assc Dir,Campus Health & Well 10 P4021 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Career Services 09 P2017 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,CES 13 R4040 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Assc Dir,Development 13 J3019 External Affairs
Assc Dir,Financial Aid 09 P1009 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Housing Ofcr/Adm Ops 10 G3009 Auxiliary
Assc Dir,Housing Ofcr/Res Life 10 G3008 Auxiliary
Assc Dir,Housing/Aux Facs 10 G3007 Auxiliary
Assc Dir,Int'l Prgms/Studies 10 P2008 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,One Stop Ctr 10 P4012 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Student Counseling 10 P2014 Student Affairs
Assc Dir,Student Union 09 G2004 Auxiliary
Assc Dir,Teaching Center 09 R5041 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Assc General Counsel 13 C1025 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc Mgr,Residence Hall 07 G4007 Auxiliary
Assc Provost 29 A3024 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Provost,Acad Admin 14 C1079 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc Provost,Faculty Devt 14 R4016 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Assc Registrar 09 P1002 Student Affairs
Assc VP Admin & Finance 18 C1034 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc VP Adv Finance 15 C1080 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc VP for Advancement 15 J1005 External Affairs
Assc VP for Research Integrity 15 C1071 Business, Accounting and Finance
Assc VP, Adv Mrkt & Strat Init 15 J4081 External Affairs
Assc VP, Univ Mkting/Comm Svcs 15 J1001 External Affairs
Assistive Tech Specialist 07 M1094 Information Technology
Asst Athl Trainer 07 D3001 Athletics
Asst Coach Strength/Condition 3C D3031 Athletics
Asst Coach,Cheer 1C D3074 Athletics
Asst Coach,Football 5C D3063 Athletics
Asst Coach,Men Baseball 3C D3019 Athletics
Asst Coach,Men BB 6C D3010 Athletics
Asst Coach,Rodeo Team 04 R5043 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Asst Coach,Softball 1C D3036 Athletics
Asst Coach,Track/Field 2C D3023 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women BB 4C D3011 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women Equest 1C D3049 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women Golf 1C D3028 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women Soccer 1C D3034 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women Swim/Dive 1C D3041 Athletics
Asst Coach,Women VB 2C D3047 Athletics
Asst Coord,Marketing/Promo 05 J3052 External Affairs
Asst Dean,ACES 14 A3023 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Asst Dean,Business 14 A3025 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Asst Dean,Grad Student Affairs 11 P1015 Student Affairs
Asst Dir Facilities,Sr 12 K1017 Grounds and Facilities
Asst Dir,Admissions 09 P1019 Student Affairs
Asst Dir,Campus Health & Well 09 P4022 Student Affairs
Asst Dir,Env Hlth/Saf Risk Mgt 12 O1011 Safety and Security
Asst Dir,Facilities 11 K1019 Grounds and Facilities
Asst Dir,Gov/Legis Relations 08 J1009 External Affairs
Asst Dir,Research Division 14 R3071 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Asst Dir,Research Safety 12 O1006 Safety and Security
Asst Dir,Special Events 10 G3021 Auxiliary
Asst Dir,Student Access Svcs 09 P2025 Student Affairs
Asst Dir,Student Activities 07 P2012 Student Affairs
Asst Mgr,Facilities Srvc 08 K3005 Grounds and Facilities
Asst Mgr,Payroll 09 C1075 Business, Accounting and Finance
Asst Project Manager 07 K1024 Grounds and Facilities
Asst Provost 11 I1001 Executive, Senior Administration
Asst Registrar 08 P1005 Student Affairs
Asst VP Student Affairs 13 P2022 Student Affairs
Asst VP,Institutional Analysis 14 M1021 Information Technology
Asst VP,Student Div/Outreach 13 P2024 Student Affairs
Asst Writer 05 J2007 External Affairs
Athl Dir, Equipment Ops 09 D3008 Athletics
Athletic Compliance Coord 07 D3006 Athletics
Athletic Dir,Facilities 09 D3009 Athletics
Athletic Media Specialist 06 J2039 External Affairs
Athletic Media Specialist,Sr 07 J3011 External Affairs
Athletic Physician 13 G2006 Auxiliary
Athletics Mkting & Game Ops 07 J2045 External Affairs
Athletics Video Operations 07 D3077 Athletics
Auditor,Assc 07 C1078 Business, Accounting and Finance
Auditor,IT 10 M4100 Information Technology
Auditor,Ld 11 C2003 Business, Accounting and Finance
Auditor,Ld 10 Cancel Business, Accounting and Finance
Auditor,Sr 10 C1004 Business, Accounting and Finance
Auditor,Staff 09 C1022 Business, Accounting and Finance
Aux Operations Technician 03 K4082 Grounds and Facilities
Bio Sci Tech (Wildlife),Assoc 07 U4049 NMDA
Bio Sci Tech (Wildlife),Inter 08 U4050 NMDA
Bio Sci Tech (Wildlife),Sr 09 U4066 NMDA
Broadcast Operations Manager 08 J2031 External Affairs
Broadcast Specialist,Assc 05 J4011 External Affairs
Broadcast Specialist,Inter 06 J4017 External Affairs
Broadcast Specialist,Sr 07 J2029 External Affairs
Broadcast Tech 03 J4010 External Affairs
Broadcast Tech Svcs/Transm,Ld 09 J2028 External Affairs
Broadcast Techn,Chief 09 J2009 External Affairs
Broadcast Traffic Coord 04 J4007 External Affairs
Broadcaster 07 J4075 External Affairs
Budget Analyst 09 C1009 Business, Accounting and Finance
Budget Analyst,Sr 10 C1003 Business, Accounting and Finance
Bursar 12 C1011 Business, Accounting and Finance
Bursar,Assc 10 C1010 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Affairs Officer 12 C1047 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Analyst 07 C1037 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Manager,I 08 C1048 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Manager,III 10 C1049 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Officer,II 11 C1050 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Operations Officer 13 C1018 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Operations Specialist 06 C5003 Business, Accounting and Finance
Business Research Specialist 08 R3035 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Buyer,Assc 05 C1044 Business, Accounting and Finance
Buyer,Inter 06 C1045 Business, Accounting and Finance
Buyer,Sr 07 C1041 Business, Accounting and Finance
Career Resource Coord 07 P3008 Student Affairs
Career Services Operation Tech 05 P4057 Student Affairs
Career Services Operations Tech 06 P4057 Human Resources
Carpenter 04 K3002 Grounds and Facilities
Carpenter,Ld 05 K3003 Grounds and Facilities
Cashier 03 C5002 Business, Accounting and Finance
Cashier,Department 03 C4002 Business, Accounting and Finance
Cashier,Ld 04 C4003 Business, Accounting and Finance
CC Assc Acad Campus Ofcr,III 12 A3006 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
CC Assc Acad Campus Officer,II 11 A3007 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
CC Assc Dir,Student Svcs,III 08 P5002 Student Affairs
CC Asst Dir,Comm Pgms,III 08 R3067 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Chf Student Affair Ofcr,III 12 P3018 Student Affairs
CC Chief Acad Officer/Prov,I 12 A3004 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
CC Chief Acad Officer/Prov,II 13 A3005 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
CC Chief Acad Officer/Prov,III 14 A3003 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
CC Chief Business Officer,I 11 C1054 Business, Accounting and Finance
CC Chief Business Officer,II 12 C1046 Business, Accounting and Finance
CC Chief Business Officer,III 14 C1043 Business, Accounting and Finance
CC Chief Instl Plan Ofcr 12 M3015 Information Technology
CC Chief Student Affairs,I 10 P3019 Student Affairs
CC Chief Student Affairs,II 11 P3017 Student Affairs
CC Deputy Chief Stu Affairs,II 10 P3031 Student Affairs
CC Dir,ABE/ASC 10 R3077 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Acad Support Center 09 P3014 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Admissions,II 08 P3025 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Admissions,III 10 P3024 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Career Devt/Placement 09 P3020 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Center 10 R4089 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Community Edu/Train,III 10 R4058 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Community Educ Srvc,II 08 R4090 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Dual Credit 09 P3089 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Financial Aid,II 09 P3028 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Financial Aid,III 10 P3027 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Inst Analysis,II 10 M3067 Information Technology
CC Dir,Inst Analysis,III 10 M3068 Information Technology
CC Dir,Library Services,I 09 R4013 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Library Services,II 09 R4083 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Library Services,III 10 R4028 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Dir,Marketing & Pub,II 07 J3044 External Affairs
CC Dir,Pub Rel,Dev & Events,II 11 J4041 External Affairs
CC Dir,Public Rel & Dev,III 10 J4042 External Affairs
CC Dir,Student Access Svcs,III 10 P3003 Student Affairs
CC Dir,Student Couns Svcs,II 09 P2018 Student Affairs
CC Disability Svcs Coord 08 L3001 Human Resources
CC Division Dean,III 12 R4088 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Exec Dir,ABE 11 R3019 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Exec Dir,Workfce Devt/Train 12 R3066 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Judicial Officer,III 08 P1006 Student Affairs
CC Lab Tech,Instruction 05 R4087 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Librarian,III 08 R4018 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Marketing & Pub Officer 08 J3043 External Affairs
CC Mgr,ABE 09 R3029 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Mgr,Facilities Services,III 10 K3010 Grounds and Facilities
CC Mgr,Instructional Technlogy 08 M3066 Information Technology
CC Mgr,Lab Instruction 08 R3079 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC Mgr,Small Business Devt 10 R3064 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CC President,I 29 I3026 Executive, Senior Administration
CC President,II 29 I3025 Executive, Senior Administration
CC President,III 29 I3024 Executive, Senior Administration
CEMRC Nuclear Radiation,Spec 10 R4026 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CES County Program Assistant 03 R4049 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CES Ext Program Educator 07 R4059 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
CES Ext Program Educator,Sr 09 R4061 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Charge Nurse,Immunization Room 09 G3018 Auxiliary
Chemist 07 R3058 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Chemist,Assc 06 U4069 NMDA
Chf Equity,Inclusion & Div Ofc 29 A1012 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Chief Acad Affairs Ofcr & Prov 29 I1007 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief Audit Officer 14 C1002 Business, Accounting and Finance
Chief Budget Officer 15 C1017 Business, Accounting and Finance
Chief Business Officer,Univ 29 I1008 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief Camp Major Gifts Admin 14 J1011 External Affairs
Chief Camp Student Activ Admr 10 P2002 Student Affairs
Chief Campus Acad Adv Admin 13 P1016 Student Affairs
Chief Campus Alumni Affairs 14 J4072 External Affairs
Chief Development Officer,Univ 29 I1005 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief HR Officer 15 L1001 Human Resources
Chief Info Officer 17 M1001 Information Technology
Chief Intl Studies Edu Admin 12 P3092 Student Affairs
Chief of Staff 15 I1009 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief of Staff,President 13 C5022 Business, Accounting and Finance
Chief Phys Plant Facil Officer 16 K1022 Grounds and Facilities
Chief Research Officer,Univ 29 I1006 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief Science Officer 17 R3001 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Chief Student Affair/Life Ofcr 29 I1010 Executive, Senior Administration
Chief Student Registrar 13 P1008 Student Affairs
Chief,Enrollment Svcs Officer 15 P1001 Student Affairs
Civil Engineer 08 R3030 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Civil Engineer,Sr 09 R3031 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Claim Specialist 07 L1023 Human Resources
Classroom/Media Tech 05 M3012 Information Technology
Clinical Lab Dental Asst 07 R4085 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Coach,Rodeo Team 10 R5042 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
College Network Developer 09 M5000 Information Technology
Communication Specialist,Inter 07 J2001 External Affairs
Communications Specialist,Assc 06 J3009 External Affairs
Communications Specialist,Sr 08 J2042 External Affairs
Community Engagement Coord 09 R4010 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Computer Operator,Assc 04 M3016 Information Technology
Computer Operator,Inter 05 M3017 Information Technology
Computer Operator,Sr 06 M3025 Information Technology
Computer Systems Coord 08 M1097 Information Technology
Content Director 10 J2023 External Affairs
Controller 15 C1001 Business, Accounting and Finance
Controls & Safety Sys Tech 05 K4044 Grounds and Facilities
Controls & Safety Sys Tech,Ld 07 K4045 Grounds and Facilities
Co-Op Program Coord 06 R2007 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Coord,Presidential Events 09 G4047 Auxiliary
Corp & Foundation Dev Officer 10 J3010 External Affairs
Costume Shop Specialist 09 R4033 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Counseling Psychologist 10 P2003 Student Affairs
Counselor 08 P3091 Student Affairs
Curator 08 R4020 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Curator,Univ Museum 09 R4021 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Custodial Worker 03 K4002 Grounds and Facilities
Custodial Worker,Ld 05 K4003 Grounds and Facilities
Custodial Worker,Sr 04 K4008 Grounds and Facilities
Customer Service Asst 04 T4002 Administrative/Clerical
Data Analyst 08 M4101 Information Technology
Data Entry Operator,Ld 04 M4043 Information Technology
Data Entry Operator,Sr 03 M1053 Information Technology
Data Management Administrator 09 C5008 Business, Accounting and Finance
Data Management Specialist 07 C5004 Business, Accounting and Finance
Data Security Analyst,Inter 09 M4045 Information Technology
Data Security Analyst,Sr 10 M4046 Information Technology
Data/Records Coord 05 M3005 Information Technology
Database Analyst,Assc 08 M3043 Information Technology
Database Analyst,Inter 09 M3044 Information Technology
Database Analyst,Ld 11 M3013 Information Technology
Database Analyst,Sr 10 M3045 Information Technology
Database Report Writer 07 M3026 Information Technology
Database Rprt Writg Anlst,Sr 09 M1039 Information Technology
Dean of Students 13 P2006 Student Affairs
Dean,ACES 29 A300A Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Arts & Sciences 29 A300B Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Business 29 A3002 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Education 29 A300D Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Engineering 29 A300E Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Graduate School 29 A300F Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Health & Social Svcs 29 A300G Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Honors College 29 A300H Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Dean,Library 29 A3008 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Defensive Coord,Football 8C D3026 Athletics
Degree Audit Specialist 07 P1010 Student Affairs
Deputy Bus Affairs Officer 11 C1039 Business, Accounting and Finance
Deputy Chief 4P O1002 Safety and Security
Deputy Chief Budget Officer 12 C1014 Business, Accounting and Finance
Deputy Dir Arrowhead,Strat Ops 13 R4074 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Deputy Dir,AA, Title IX & ADA 11 L1024 Human Resources
Deputy Dir,Athletics 13 D2002 Athletics
Deputy Dir,Flight Test Center 13 R3018 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Deputy Dir/Secretary of NMDA 13 U4051 NMDA
Deputy Fire Chief 10 O2003 Safety and Security
Deputy Head Intramural/Rec 09 P4056 Student Affairs
Development Officer 07 J3005 External Affairs
Development Officer,Ld 09 J3004 External Affairs
Development Officer,Sr 08 J3006 External Affairs
Development Research Spec 07 J4004 External Affairs
Devt Coach,Football 3C D3065 Athletics
Devt Coach,Men Baseball 1C D3060 Athletics
Devt Coach,Men BB 3C D3012 Athletics
Devt Coach,Women BB 3C D3014 Athletics
Digital Marketing Specialist 11 J3029 External Affairs
Dir, Payroll/HRIS 12 L1002 Human Resources
Dir, Pre-Award Admin 12 C1070 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Acad Advising 10 P3026 Student Affairs
Dir,Academic Technology 12 C5023 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Admin System Support 12 M4056 Information Technology
Dir,Admissions 13 P1003 Student Affairs
Dir,Adv Talent & Culture 13 J3034 External Affairs
Dir,Arrowhead Center 14 R4072 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Art Gallery 10 R4034 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Assessment 14 R2008 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Athletics 29 D2001 Athletics
Dir,Aux Operations 12 G2005 Auxiliary
Dir,Benefit Services 11 L1017 Human Resources
Dir,Board & Donor Rel 11 J4078 External Affairs
Dir,Budget 14 C1015 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Campaign & Strategic Init 11 J3031 External Affairs
Dir,Career Services 11 P2013 Student Affairs
Dir,Compliance Admin 12 C1029 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Corp/Foundation Rel 12 J1004 External Affairs
Dir,Counseling 12 P2021 Student Affairs
Dir,Ctr English Language Pgms 10 P3094 Student Affairs
Dir,Development 14 J3020 External Affairs
Dir,Development School/College 12 J4077 External Affairs
Dir,Distance Learning 12 C5018 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Educ & Outreach 10 R3063 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Employee & Labor Relations 11 L1016 Human Resources
Dir,Employee Assistance Prog 11 L1005 Human Resources
Dir,Employment/Comp Services 11 L1006 Human Resources
Dir,Enterprise IT 14 M1057 Information Technology
Dir,Env Hlth/Saf Risk Mgmt 13 O1007 Safety and Security
Dir,Facilities & Services 13 K1026 Grounds and Facilities
Dir,Facilities Maintence 10 K1028 Grounds and Facilities
Dir,Financial Aid 13 P1011 Student Affairs
Dir,First Year Initiatives 14 P1018 Student Affairs
Dir,Fiscal Admin & Station Ops 10 J2052 External Affairs
Dir,Football Operations 5C D3078 Athletics
Dir,Football Recruitment 5C D3079 Athletics
Dir,Gift Planning 14 J3024 External Affairs
Dir,Golf Course 12 G4005 Auxiliary
Dir,Govt & Community Relations 15 J1006 External Affairs
Dir,Health & Wellness 13 P2001 Student Affairs
Dir,Housing and Res Life 13 G2002 Auxiliary
Dir,HR Administration 13 L1003 Human Resources
Dir,Instructional Design 12 C5017 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,International Studies 12 P2007 Student Affairs
Dir,KRWG Development 10 J2047 External Affairs
Dir,Leadership & Board Dev 10 J3033 External Affairs
Dir,Major Gifts 12 J3012 External Affairs
Dir,Marketing,Web & Brand Dev 13 J2053 External Affairs
Dir,Mech,Elect,Plumbing 11 K1027 Grounds and Facilities
Dir,Medical Lab 10 G3024 Auxiliary
Dir,Minority/MC Affairs 10 P2011 Student Affairs
Dir,News Services 12 J2051 External Affairs
Dir,Office of Ag Biosecurity 12 U4053 NMDA
Dir,Planned Giving 13 J1002 External Affairs
Dir,Post Award Admin 12 C1013 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Pres Donor Rel & Dev 13 J1010 External Affairs
Dir,Procurement Services 12 C1028 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Project Devt & Engineering 13 K1025 Grounds and Facilities
Dir,Prospect Str & Gift Admin 13 J3023 External Affairs
Dir,Public Affairs 11 J2026 External Affairs
Dir,Real Estate 13 C1031 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Research Division,I 13 R3027 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Research Division,I 13 R3027 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Research Division,I 13 R3027 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Research Division,II 14 R5047 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Research Division,III 15 R3062 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Research Science Lab 17 R3083 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Special Events 12 G3020 Auxiliary
Dir,Sports Info 09 J2003 External Affairs
Dir,Sports Performance 7C D3075 Athletics
Dir,State Gov Affairs 12 J3042 External Affairs
Dir,Student Accessibility Svcs 10 P2023 Student Affairs
Dir,Student Affairs 11 P1012 Student Affairs
Dir,Technical Ops (Vet Lab) 10 U4052 NMDA
Dir,Technical Theatre 07 R5045 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dir,Telecomm/Network/Cust Supp 14 M1056 Information Technology
Dir,Training & Development 11 C1012 Business, Accounting and Finance
Dir,Transportation/Parking 11 G1008 Auxiliary
Dir,Univ Advancement/Alum Rel 10 J1008 External Affairs
Dir,Univ Flight Operations 12 G1009 Auxiliary
Dir,Vet Laboratory 14 U4054 NMDA
Dir,Web Communications 11 M1086 Information Technology
Director/Secretary of NMDA 15 U4055 NMDA
Division Director,NMDA 12 U4056 NMDA
Drafting Tech 05 R5037 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Dual Credit/Distance Edu Coord 06 P3029 Student Affairs
Early Childhood Educator 05 R4017 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Early Childhood Educator,Inter 06 R5023 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Early Childhood Educator,Sr 07 R3076 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Econ Development Officer,Inter 10 R4073 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Econ Development Officer,Sr 12 R4012 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Economist 09 R4071 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Editor 07 J4003 External Affairs
Editor,Junior 05 J4006 External Affairs
Educational Asst 03 R4047 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Educational Prgms Facilitator 04 R4037 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Educational Resources Coord 04 R4002 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Educational Specialist 09 R4055 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
EH&S Program Tech 07 O1012 Safety and Security
Elect Techn,Supv 11 R5070 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Electrician 06 K4005 Grounds and Facilities
Electrician,Master 07 K4076 Grounds and Facilities
Electronics Tech,Assc 05 R3011 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Electronics Tech,Inter 07 R3020 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Electronics Tech,Sr 09 R3012 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Emergency Dispatcher 06 O2006 Safety and Security
EMT,Basic 04 O3007 Safety and Security
EMT,Inter 05 O3008 Safety and Security
Energy Manager 10 K1029 Grounds and Facilities
Engineer,Assc 09 R3036 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Engineer,Inter 10 R3037 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Engineer,Ld 12 R3039 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Engineer,Sr 11 R3038 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Enterpr Cyber Infrastruct Arch 12 M1098 Information Technology
Enterpr Data Architect,Inter 09 M1058 Information Technology
Enterpr Instr Tech Admin,Inter 09 C5027 Business, Accounting and Finance
Enterpr Instr Tech Admin,Ld 11 C5029 Business, Accounting and Finance
Enterpr Instr Tech Admin,Sr 10 C5028 Business, Accounting and Finance
Enterpr Progrmr Analyst,Assc 09 M1028 Information Technology
Enterpr Progrmr Analyst,Inter 10 M1074 Information Technology
Enterprise Applic Admin,Ld 10 M4053 Information Technology
Enterprise Applic Admin,Sr 09 M4052 Information Technology
Enterprise Application Admin 08 M4051 Information Technology
Enterprise Data Architect,Assc 08 M1061 Information Technology
Enterprise Data Architect,Ld 11 M1060 Information Technology
Enterprise Data Architect,Sr 10 M1059 Information Technology
Enterprise Database Admin,Assc 09 M4102 Information Technology
Enterprise Database Admin,Intr 10 M4049 Information Technology
Enterprise Database Admin,Ld 12 M4041 Information Technology
Enterprise Database Admin,Sr 11 M4050 Information Technology
Enterprise Network Dev,Assc 08 M3048 Information Technology
Enterprise Network Dev,Inter 09 M3046 Information Technology
Enterprise Network Dev,Ld 11 M1015 Information Technology
Enterprise Network Dev,Ld 11 M1020 Information Technology
Enterprise Progrmr Analyst,Ld 12 M1003 Information Technology
Enterprise Progrmr Analyst,Sr 11 M1075 Information Technology
Enterprise Sys Sec Admin,Assc 08 M4065 Information Technology
Enterprise Sys Sec Admin,Inter 09 M4066 Information Technology
Enterprise Sys Sec Admin,Ld 11 M4059 Information Technology
Entomologist,Sr 09 U4021 NMDA
Equipment Mechanic 05 K4057 Grounds and Facilities
Equipment Mechanic,Sr 06 K4058 Grounds and Facilities
Equity Officer 09 L1018 Human Resources
Equity Officer,Assc 09 L1018 Human Resources
Equity Officer,Assc 08 L1019 Human Resources
ERP Network Developer,Sr 10 M1018 Information Technology
Event Planner 06 G3022 Auxiliary
Events Technical Service Coord 09 G3002 Auxiliary
Evidence and Records Custodian 05 T4003 Administrative/Clerical
Exec Asst,Pres/Exec VP Prov 09 T1001 Administrative/Clerical
Exec Dir for Research Admin 14 C1058 Business, Accounting and Finance
Exec Dir,AA, Title IX & ADA 13 L1020 Human Resources
Exec Dir,Accreditation 14 C1074 Business, Accounting and Finance
Exec Dir,Alumni & Donor Rel 12 J3030 External Affairs
Exec Dir,Enterprise Admin Apps 15 M1002 Information Technology
Exec Dir,Strat Plng & Perf Mgt 14 C1073 Business, Accounting and Finance
Expeditor 06 C1064 Business, Accounting and Finance
Fac & Compliance Administrator 09 G3025 Auxiliary
Facilities Coord 06 K4075 Grounds and Facilities
Facilities Engineer 11 K2006 Grounds and Facilities
Facilities Engineer,Ld 12 K4085 Grounds and Facilities
Facilities Space Planner 08 C1030 Business, Accounting and Finance
Facilities Tech 04 K4019 Grounds and Facilities
Facilities Tech,Sr 05 K4060 Grounds and Facilities
Facility Security Officer 09 R4009 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Facility Set-Up Coord 05 K4032 Grounds and Facilities
Facility Set-Up Tech 03 K4086 Grounds and Facilities
Family Outreach Worker 04 R5019 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Fiber Optics Tech 06 R5067 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Finance Officer 11 C1072 Business, Accounting and Finance
Financial Aid Advisor 06 P3012 Student Affairs
Financial Aid Advisor Sr,Univ 08 P4009 Student Affairs
Financial Aid Advisor,Sr 07 P4005 Student Affairs
Financial Aid Advisor,Univ 07 P4008 Student Affairs
Financial Aid Spec,Univ 05 P4007 Student Affairs
Financial Aid Specialist 04 P4003 Student Affairs
Fire Chief 12 O2001 Safety and Security
Fire Fighter/EMT 06 O3006 Safety and Security
Fire Protection Shift Captain 09 O2002 Safety and Security
Fiscal Asst,Assc 03 C5001 Business, Accounting and Finance
Fiscal Asst,Inter 04 C4004 Business, Accounting and Finance
Fiscal Asst,Sr 05 C3009 Business, Accounting and Finance
Food Service Worker 03 G4018 Auxiliary
Foreign Credentials Evaluator 08 P3088 Student Affairs
Foundation Admin Officer 17 C1057 Business, Accounting and Finance
Foundation Controller 13 C3010 Business, Accounting and Finance
Fraternity/Sorority Life Advsr 09 P3009 Student Affairs
General Counsel 29 I1002 Executive, Senior Administration
General Mgr,Univ Broadcasting 13 J2016 External Affairs
Gift Processor,Assc 06 J3025 External Affairs
Gift Processor,Inter 07 J3026 External Affairs
Gift Processor,Sr 08 J3027 External Affairs
GIS Analyst 07 M4058 Information Technology
Golf Attendant 03 G4017 Auxiliary
Golf Course Supt 10 G4019 Auxiliary
Golf Course Supt,Asst 07 G4024 Auxiliary
Golf Pro-Shop,Asst 05 G4023 Auxiliary
Gov Relations Specialist 09 J4076 External Affairs
Grants & Contract Admin 09 C1042 Business, Accounting and Finance
Grants Coord 07 C1053 Business, Accounting and Finance
Graphic Designer,Assc 05 J4012 External Affairs
Graphic Designer,Inter 06 J4013 External Affairs
Graphic Designer,Sr 07 J4014 External Affairs
Groundskeeper 03 K4006 Grounds and Facilities
Groundskeeper,Ld 05 K4029 Grounds and Facilities
Groundskeeper,Sr 04 K4028 Grounds and Facilities
Haz Materials Spec,HZWPER 09 O1003 Safety and Security
Hazardous Materials Spec 09 O1014 Safety and Security
Hazardous Materials Tech 06 O1015 Safety and Security
Hazardous Materials Tech,Sr 07 O1013 Safety and Security
Head Athletic Trainer 10 D3002 Athletics
Head Cashier 06 C4001 Business, Accounting and Finance
Head Coach,Cheerleading 1C D3022 Athletics
Head Coach,Cross Cntry/Trk/Fld 5C D3024 Athletics
Head Coach,Football 9C D3055 Athletics
Head Coach,Men Baseball 6C D3020 Athletics
Head Coach,Men BB 9C D3016 Athletics
Head Coach,Men Golf 4C D3027 Athletics
Head Coach,Men Tennis 3C D3044 Athletics
Head Coach,Softball 6C D3038 Athletics
Head Coach,Women BB 8C D3017 Athletics
Head Coach,Women Equestrian 1C D3050 Athletics
Head Coach,Women Golf 4C D3029 Athletics
Head Coach,Women Soccer 4C D3035 Athletics
Head Coach,Women Swim/Dive 5C D3042 Athletics
Head Coach,Women Tennis 3C D3043 Athletics
Head Coach,Women VB 6C D3048 Athletics
Head Cook 03 G4014 Auxiliary
Head Foreign Student Svcs 10 P3093 Student Affairs
Head, Campus Conferences 10 G3026 Auxiliary
Head,Athletics Ext Affairs 12 D3072 Athletics
Head,Campus Grad Admissions 09 P1014 Student Affairs
Health Education Spec,Sr 08 R4060 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Health Education Specialist 07 R4056 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Heavy Equipment Operator 04 K4080 Grounds and Facilities
Help Desk Representative,Assc 05 M1063 Information Technology
Help Desk Representative,Inter 06 M1090 Information Technology
Help Desk Representative,Sr 07 M1089 Information Technology
Help Desk,Ld 08 M1076 Administrative/Clerical
Histotechnologist (Vet Lab) 09 U4058 NMDA
Housing Assignment Coord 05 G3019 Auxiliary
Housing Assignment Coord,Sr 07 G3000 Auxiliary
Housing Officer/Res Life 09 G3012 Auxiliary
HR Operations Tech 05 L4002 Human Resources
HR Operations Unit Coord 06 L3010 Human Resources
HR Representative,Unit 05 L4001 Human Resources
HR Specialist,Assc 06 L1007 Human Resources
HR Specialist,Inter 07 L1004 Human Resources
HR Specialist,Sr 09 L1012 Human Resources
HVAC Mechanic 05 K4007 Grounds and Facilities
HVAC Mechanic,Ld 07 K2004 Grounds and Facilities
Institutional Researcher 08 M3019 Information Technology
Institutional Researcher,Ld 10 M3022 Information Technology
Institutional Researcher,Sr 09 M3020 Information Technology
Instructional Consult,Assc 07 C5013 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Consult,Inter 08 C5014 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Consult,Ld 10 C5016 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Consult,Sr 09 C5015 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Designer,Inter 08 C5024 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Designer,Ld 10 C5026 Business, Accounting and Finance
Instructional Designer,Sr 09 C5025 Business, Accounting and Finance
Intake Specialist 06 R4011 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Intelligence Analyst,Assc 08 R3047 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Intelligence Analyst,Inter 09 R3048 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Intelligence Analyst,Sr 10 R3049 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Internship 03 R5075 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Intl Education Advisor 06 P3095 Student Affairs
Intramural/Recreation Coord 06 P4054 Student Affairs
Intramural/Recreation Coord,Sr 07 P4055 Student Affairs
Inventory Control Clerk 04 C1065 Business, Accounting and Finance
Judicial Officer,Univ 10 P1007 Student Affairs
Lab Asst 03 R3046 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Lab Coord 07 R3014 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Lab Tech,Research 04 R3013 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Lab Techn/Necropsy (Vet Lab) 04 U4059 NMDA
Laborer 03 K4012 Grounds and Facilities
Library Asst 04 R4043 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Library Specialist 05 R4046 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Library Specialist,Ld 07 R4027 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Library Specialist,Sr 06 R4015 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Locksmith 05 K2003 Grounds and Facilities
Locksmith,Ld 06 K4065 Grounds and Facilities
Machinist,Assc 04 R5065 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mailroom Clerk,Assc 03 C1051 Business, Accounting and Finance
Maintenance Mechanic 04 K4046 Grounds and Facilities
Major Gift Officer,Sr 11 J3013 External Affairs
Marketing Communications Spec 09 J2043 External Affairs
Marketing Representative 06 J3008 External Affairs
Marketing Specialist 09 U4074 NMDA
Marketing/Publications Officer 10 J3007 External Affairs
Mason,Ld 05 K4038 Grounds and Facilities
Material Services Tech 03 C1067 Business, Accounting and Finance
Material Services Tech,Ld 05 C1069 Business, Accounting and Finance
Material Services Tech,Sr 04 C1068 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mechanical Tech,Assc 05 R3081 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mechanical Tech,Inter 07 R3082 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mechanical Tech,Sr 09 R3078 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Media Advisor,Student 06 J3039 External Affairs
Media Relations Officer 10 J2050 External Affairs
Media Specialist,Sr 07 J2040 External Affairs
Medical Asst 04 G3001 Auxiliary
Medical Lab Techn 07 G3017 Auxiliary
Metal Fabricator,Sr 06 K4042 Grounds and Facilities
Meteorological Techn 09 R3059 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Meteorologist 12 R3025 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Metrologist,Inter 07 U4030 NMDA
Metrologist,Sr 08 U4075 NMDA
Mgr, Student Information Mgmt 11 M1009 Information Technology
Mgr,Accounting & Financial Rpt 11 C1007 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Accounting Unit 10 C3007 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Accounts Payable 09 C1021 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Analytics 12 M1011 Information Technology
Mgr,Animal Care 09 R4036 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Athl Equip (Other Sports) 05 D3071 Athletics
Mgr,Audit 11 C1016 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Aux Customer Service Ctr 08 G1007 Auxiliary
Mgr,Banking,Investment & Tax 11 C1008 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Biosafety 10 O1004 Safety and Security
Mgr,Chemical Safety 09 O3002 Safety and Security
Mgr,Classroom Tech 11 M1006 Information Technology
Mgr,Enterprise App Admin 12 M1024 Information Technology
Mgr,Enterprise Computer Ops 11 M1064 Information Technology
Mgr,Enterprise Data Architect 12 M1026 Information Technology
Mgr,Enterprise Database Admin 12 M1027 Information Technology
Mgr,Enterprise PC 11 M4042 Information Technology
Mgr,Environ Policy & Sustain 09 K2009 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,Environmental 10 O1008 Safety and Security
Mgr,ERP Network Planning 12 M1083 Information Technology
Mgr,Export Control 10 C1060 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Facilities Services 09 K3004 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,Facilities Utility 10 C1076 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Farm Ranch 09 R4005 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Golf Course 09 G4006 Auxiliary
Mgr,Grants & Contract Admin 10 C1026 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Grounds Services 09 K4048 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,HR Compliance 10 L1021 Human Resources
Mgr,HR Info Systems 11 M1022 Information Technology
Mgr,HR Operations 09 L3011 Human Resources
Mgr,Lab Instruction 09 R3015 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Lab Research 09 R3024 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Learning Resource Center 10 R4019 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Marketing & Sales 10 J2048 External Affairs
Mgr,Media Services 08 J2030 External Affairs
Mgr,Network Control 13 M1088 Information Technology
Mgr,NMDA Government Affairs 11 J3045 External Affairs
Mgr,NMDA Regulatory Lab 09 U4065 NMDA
Mgr,Operating Sys Programming 12 M1066 Information Technology
Mgr,Operations 08 C2004 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Payroll 10 C1005 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,PC Systems 10 M1038 Information Technology
Mgr,Pharmacy 12 G3016 Auxiliary
Mgr,Post-Award Admin 11 C2002 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,Production 08 J2033 External Affairs
Mgr,Production Stage 09 R4086 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Project Management 12 C5007 Business, Accounting and Finance
Mgr,R&D Engineer 14 R3034 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Recycle/Waste/Custodian 09 K4083 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,Residence Hall 08 G4004 Auxiliary
Mgr,Restaurant/Snack Bar 05 G4025 Auxiliary
Mgr,Retail Store 06 G4022 Auxiliary
Mgr,Space Planning 10 K2011 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,Student Relations 09 M4057 Information Technology
Mgr,Systems Administration 10 M4016 Information Technology
Mgr,Telecommunication System 11 M1029 Information Technology
Mgr,Telescope Observing Ops 11 R5074 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mgr,Theatre 09 K4087 Grounds and Facilities
Mgr,Ticket 09 G3013 Auxiliary
Mgr,Unit Sytems/Tech Support 11 M4054 Information Technology
Microbiologist 09 R3045 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Mid-level Practice Generalist 11 G3010 Auxiliary
Minority/Multicultural Officer 09 P3004 Student Affairs
Mover 03 K3007 Grounds and Facilities
Mover,Ld 04 K3008 Grounds and Facilities
Multimedia Reporter KRWG 07 J3041 External Affairs
Multi-Media Specialist 07 M4012 Information Technology
Multi-Media Specialist,Sr 08 M4013 Information Technology
Nat Res-Plcy/Plan Anlyst,Assc 07 U4060 NMDA
Nat Res-Plcy/Plan Anlyst,Inter 08 U4061 NMDA
Nat Res-Plcy/Plan Anlyst,Sr 09 U4062 NMDA
NMDA Inspector,Assc 07 U4034 NMDA
NMDA Inspector,Inter 08 U4035 NMDA
NMDA Inspector,Sr 09 U4033 NMDA
NMDA Market Reporter 08 U4028 NMDA
NMDA Public Info Officer 09 J2018 External Affairs
NMDA Public Info Officer 09 J2018 External Affairs
NMDA Regulatory Clerk 05 U4022 Administrative/Clerical
NMDA Regulatory Lab Coord 09 U4064 NMDA
NMDA State Chemist 10 U4080 NMDA
NMDA,Asst Division Director 11 U4048 NMDA
Nurse Pract/Clinical Mgr 12 G4045 Auxiliary
Nurse Practitioner,Psych 12 G3006 Auxiliary
Nurse,Lic Practical 05 G4013 Auxiliary
Nutrition Educator 04 R5072 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Observatory Astronomer 11 R5066 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Observatory Facilities Specialist 09 K4063 Grounds and Facilities
Observatory Instrument Spec 11 R3080 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Offensive Line Coach,Football 7C D3062 Athletics
One Stop Counselor 07 P4010 Student Affairs
One Stop Counselor,Sr 08 P4011 Student Affairs
Operations Research Analyst 12 M1073 Information Technology
Organic Commodity Advisor 08 U4078 NMDA
Painter 03 K4010 Grounds and Facilities
Painter,Ld 04 K4024 Grounds and Facilities
Parent Involvement Asst 03 R2002 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Parking Maint & Transp Spec 05 G4046 Auxiliary
Parking Specialist 05 G4012 Auxiliary
Payroll Clerk,Inter 04 C1019 Business, Accounting and Finance
Payroll Clerk,Ld 06 C1023 Business, Accounting and Finance
Payroll Clerk,Sr 05 C1020 Business, Accounting and Finance
PD Support Services Coord 07 O2005 Safety and Security
Pharmacist 11 G3005 Auxiliary
Photographer 07 J2008 External Affairs
Physician 14 G3004 Auxiliary
Pilot 10 G1010 Auxiliary
Planning Officer 12 C5019 Business, Accounting and Finance
Plant Operator 05 K4035 Grounds and Facilities
Plant Operator,Ld 07 K4064 Grounds and Facilities
Plumber 05 K4011 Grounds and Facilities
Plumber,Ld 07 K4056 Grounds and Facilities
Police Chief 5P O1001 Safety and Security
Police Commander 3P O1010 Safety and Security
Police Lieutenant 2P O2008 Safety and Security
Police Officer 1P O2007 Safety and Security
Police Sergeant 6P O2010 Safety and Security
Post Doctoral 1F R5044 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Pre Doctoral/Intern 09 R5075 External Affairs
Pre K-12 Inst Outreach Spec 09 R4051 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Pres/CEO Dev/Spec Asst to Pres 29 I1004 Executive, Senior Administration
President 29 I1003 Executive, Senior Administration
Privacy and IT Compliance Offc 13 M1093 Information Technology
Program Coord 06 R4024 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Manager 09 R4050 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Manager,Sr 10 R4014 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Manager,TV 08 J2037 External Affairs
Program Mgr,State Fuel Chemist 10 U4070 NMDA
Program Operations Director 11 R4030 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Operations Director,Sr 12 R4031 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Specialist 07 R4041 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Program Specialist,Sr 08 R4025 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Progrmr Analyst,Assc 08 M4003 Information Technology
Progrmr Analyst,Inter 09 M4001 Information Technology
Progrmr Analyst,Sr 10 M4002 Information Technology
Project Manager 09 C5006 Business, Accounting and Finance
Project Manager,Facilities 09 K1018 Grounds and Facilities
Project Manager,Inspection 09 K2010 Grounds and Facilities
Project Manager,Ld 11 C5021 Business, Accounting and Finance
Project Manager,Sr 10 C5020 Business, Accounting and Finance
Project Manager,Sr 10 K1020 Grounds and Facilities
Project Support Specialist 08 M3040 Information Technology
Promotora 04 R2009 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Property Administrator 07 C1062 Business, Accounting and Finance
Proposal Devt Specialist 09 J4074 External Affairs
Proposal Devt Specialist,Sr 10 J4080 External Affairs
Prospect Research Coord,Inter 08 J2011 External Affairs
Prospect Research Coord,Ld 10 J3053 External Affairs
Prospect Research Coord,Sr 09 J2012 External Affairs
PSL R&D Engineer,Assc 10 R3008 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
PSL R&D Engineer,Inter 11 R3009 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
PSL R&D Engineer,Ld 13 R3007 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
PSL R&D Engineer,Sr 12 R3010 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
PSL Subject Matter Expert,R&D 29 R3033 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
PSL Subject Matter Expert,R&D 29 R3033 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Psychologist,Sr 10 P2000 Student Affairs
Public Information Officer 09 J2017 External Affairs
Quality Assurance Tech 06 R5061 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Quality Assurance Tech,Sr 07 R5062 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Quality Control Specialist 07 U4079 NMDA
R&D Info Security Analyst,Assc 10 M4007 Information Technology
R&D Info Security Analyst,Int 11 M4004 Information Technology
R&D Info Security Analyst,Ld 13 M4006 Information Technology
R&D Info Security Analyst,Sr 12 M4005 Information Technology
R&D Software Developer,Assc 09 M4060 Information Technology
R&D Software Developer,Inter 10 M4061 Information Technology
R&D Software Developer,Ld 12 M4063 Information Technology
R&D Software Developer,Spec 13 M4064 Information Technology
R&D Software Developer,Sr 11 M4062 Information Technology
Radiation Safety Specialist 09 O3005 Safety and Security
Radiology Tech 06 G3023 Auxiliary
Range and Vegetation Spec 06 R3026 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Records Retention Specialist 07 C1032 Business, Accounting and Finance
Recycling Tech 03 K2005 Grounds and Facilities
Registra/Admission Spec,Sr 05 P4013 Student Affairs
Registra/Admission Spec,Univ 05 P4001 Student Affairs
Registration/Admissions Spec 04 P4002 Student Affairs
Regulatory Lab Manager 09 U4076 NMDA
Reporter,Assc 03 J4073 External Affairs
Research Asst,Inter 06 R3016 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Asst,Sr 07 R3017 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Devt Officer 13 C1027 Business, Accounting and Finance
Research Eng Tech 07 R3053 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Engineer,Assc 11 R3050 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Engineer,Inter 12 R3051 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Engineer,Ld 14 R3070 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Engineer,Sr 13 R3052 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Integrity Coord 09 R4091 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Scholar 08 R5076 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Scholar,Sr 09 R5077 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Scientist,Assc 10 R3021 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Scientist,Inter 11 R3022 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research Scientist,Sr 12 R3023 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research/Lab Affairs Ofcr,Sr 16 R3074 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Research/Lab Affairs Officer 16 R3061 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Residential Office Coord 04 G4011 Auxiliary
Roofer 04 K4052 Grounds and Facilities
Safety Specialist 09 O1009 Safety and Security
Sales Associate 03 G4010 Auxiliary
Scenic Designer 06 R4023 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Security Coord 06 O3003 Safety and Security
Security Officer,Assc 03 O3009 Safety and Security
Security Officer,Inter 04 O3010 Safety and Security
Security Officer,Sr 05 O3001 Safety and Security
Sign Language Coord 07 P2004 Student Affairs
Sign Language Interpreter 07 P5001 Student Affairs
Small Business Devt Advisor 07 R4029 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Snack Bar Attendant 03 G4015 Auxiliary
Social Worker 07 P3022 Student Affairs
Software Developer,Assc 08 M4036 Information Technology
Software Developer,Inter 09 M4037 Information Technology
Software Developer,Ld 11 M4039 Information Technology
Software Developer,Spec 12 M4040 Information Technology
Software Developer,Sr 10 M4038 Information Technology
Spec Asst to Pres,Strat & Perf 15 I3028 Executive, Senior Administration
Special Advisor,BOR 14 I1012 Executive, Senior Administration
Special Asst,VC/COO 13 C5031 Business, Accounting and Finance
Special Asst,VP 11 R4035 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Sr. Administrator 29 I3027 Executive, Senior Administration
Sr. Administrator,Auxiliary 15 G2001 Auxiliary
Sr. AVP, External Relations 17 J3032 External Affairs
Staff Attorney 12 C1035 Business, Accounting and Finance
Staff Nurse 08 G3011 Auxiliary
Staff Physician 14 G3003 Auxiliary
Steamfitter 05 K4079 Grounds and Facilities
Stewardship Officer 09 J2054 External Affairs
Structural Maintenance Tech 04 K4051 Grounds and Facilities
Structural Maintenance Tech,Ld 05 K3006 Grounds and Facilities
Student & Vet Affairs Coord 06 P3041 Student Affairs
Student Activities Officer 07 P3021 Student Affairs
Student Attorney 11 P2005 Student Affairs
Student Program Coord 06 P4004 Student Affairs
Student Program Coord,Sr 07 P4006 Administrative/Clerical
Support Astronomer 10 R3041 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Supv, Auxiliary Operations 07 G2003 Auxiliary
Supv,Automotive Svcs 07 K3009 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Aux Customer Service Ctr 07 G1006 Auxiliary
Supv,College Mail Svcs 06 C1055 Business, Accounting and Finance
Supv,Computer Lab 06 M4048 Information Technology
Supv,Custodian 06 K4004 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Dining Ops 07 G4001 Auxiliary
Supv,Emergency Dispatcher 07 O2009 Safety and Security
Supv,Enterprise Computer Ops 08 M1034 Information Technology
Supv,Fac Maint 08 K4020 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Farm Ranch 05 R5005 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Supv,Locksmith 07 K2002 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Mail Services 07 C1056 Business, Accounting and Finance
Supv,Material Services 07 C1036 Business, Accounting and Finance
Supv,NMDA Inspector 09 U4067 NMDA
Supv,Nurse 10 G3014 Auxiliary
Supv,Painter 07 K4070 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Plant Operations 09 K4069 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Plumbing 08 K4068 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Skilled Crafts 09 K4067 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,Structural Maintenance 09 K4073 Grounds and Facilities
Supv,TV Production 07 J2044 External Affairs
Systems Analyst,Assc 07 M3030 Information Technology
Systems Analyst,Inter 08 M3031 Information Technology
Systems Analyst,Ld 10 M3033 Information Technology
Systems Analyst,Sr 09 M3032 Information Technology
Systems Developer,Inter 09 M4032 Information Technology
Systems Developer,Ld 11 M4034 Information Technology
Systems Developer,Spec 12 M4035 Information Technology
Systems Developer,Sr 10 M4033 Information Technology
Systems Developr,Assc 08 M4031 Information Technology
Teacher Spec, Int’l Progr 09 R5068 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Teacher, Non-Crd Erning Prgms 04 R5024 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Teacher,Sr 07 R5021 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Team Ops Dir,Major Sports 1C D3021 Athletics
Technology Licensing Assc 10 R2001 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Technology Support Tech 06 M3041 Information Technology
Technology Support Tech,Ld 09 M4055 Information Technology
Technology Support Tech,Sr 07 M3011 Information Technology
Telecomm Analyst,Assc 06 M1084 Information Technology
Telecomm Analyst,Inter 08 M1080 Information Technology
Telecomm Analyst,Ld 10 M1082 Information Technology
Telecomm Analyst,Sr 09 M1081 Information Technology
Telecomm M&R Tech,Assc 05 M4028 Information Technology
Telecomm M&R Tech,Inter 07 M4029 Information Technology
Telecomm M&R Tech,Sr 09 M4030 Information Technology
Telecomm Tech Suprt Spec,Assc 06 M1069 Information Technology
Telecomm Tech Suprt Spec,Ld 10 M1072 Information Technology
Telecomm Tech Suprt Spec,Sr 08 M1071 Information Technology
Telecomm Tech Suprt/Spec,Inter 07 M1070 Information Technology
Telescope Ops Specialist 09 R3040 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Telescope Techn 07 R3060 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Telescope Techn,Chief 12 R3043 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Telescope Techn,Inter 10 R5071 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Temporary Emergency Dispatcher 06 O2006 Safety and Security
Testing Asst Coord 04 P3023 Student Affairs
Testing Coord 06 P3016 Student Affairs
Training Specialist 07 C5005 Business, Accounting and Finance
Tutor 04 P3015 Student Affairs
Tutor Coord 06 P3013 Student Affairs
TV Producer 06 J2014 External Affairs
TV Producer Techn I 04 J2038 External Affairs
TV Producer,Sr 07 J2015 External Affairs
UAS Ext Pilot,Inter 10 R2004 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
UAS Ext Pilot,Sr 11 R5046 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
UAS Safety Analyst,Assc 08 R3085 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
UAS Safety Analyst,Inter 09 R3084 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
UAS Safety Analyst,Sr 10 R3003 Instruct/Research/Pub Srvc
Underwriting Marketing Spec 07 J2022 External Affairs
Univ Adv Development Ofcr,Assc 09 J3015 External Affairs
Univ Adv Development Ofcr,Intr 10 J3016 External Affairs
Univ Adv Development Ofcr,Ld 12 J3018 External Affairs
Univ Adv Development Ofcr,Sr 11 J3017 External Affairs
Univ Adv Program Coord 07 J3021 External Affairs
Univ Adv Program Coord,Sr 08 J3022 External Affairs
Univ Assessment Spec 09 C5030 Business, Accounting and Finance
Univ Strategic Sourcing Spec 10 C1033 Business, Accounting and Finance
Univ Student Conduct Ofcr 09 P3006 Student Affairs
Univ Training Specialist,Assc 07 C5009 Business, Accounting and Finance
Univ Training Specialist,Inter 08 C5010 Business, Accounting and Finance
Univ Training Specialist,Ld 10 C5012 Business, Accounting and Finance
Univ Training Specialist,Sr 09 C5011 Business, Accounting and Finance
University Architect 13 K1001 Grounds and Facilities
University Procurement Spec 09 C1077 Business, Accounting and Finance
University Scheduling Coord 06 P3002 Student Affairs
Utility Ops Tech 05 K4081 Grounds and Facilities
Vet Lab Diagnostician 11 U3017 NMDA
Vet Lab Scientist,Assc 07 U4037 NMDA
Vet Lab Specialist,Assc 06 U4039 NMDA
Vet Lab Specialist,Inter 07 U4038 NMDA
Vet Laboratory Scientist 08 U4071 NMDA
Vet Pathologist 12 U4047 NMDA
Vice Chancellor & COO 29 I1013 Executive, Senior Administration
Vice Provost,Academic Affairs 29 A1010 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Vice Provost,Digital Lrng Init 29 A1011 Chief Academic Officers and Deans
Videographer 06 J4008 External Affairs
Visual Marketing Specialist 09 J3028 External Affairs
VP Economic Development 29 I1011 Executive, Senior Administration
Web Designer 06 M3021 Information Technology
Web Designer,Sr 08 M1032 Information Technology
Web Developer,Assc 07 M3036 Information Technology
Web Developer,Inter 08 M3037 Information Technology
Web Developer,Ld 10 M3039 Information Technology
Web Developer,Sr 09 M3038 Information Technology
Welder 04 K4053 Grounds and Facilities
Welder,Sr 05 K4037 Grounds and Facilities
Writer 08 J3001 External Affairs