Role of the Department

Deans, department heads, search advisory committee members, and other department members play an integral role in the recruitment and retention of new faculty so it is imperative that they are aware of specific assignments that need to be completed. In the following table, the search process is explained per role in three phases: before the search, during the search, and after the search.

Before the Search: During the Search: After the Search:
Provide feedback to the department head on the needs and concerns of the department and the related academic qualifications of the prospective hire. Meet with each of the finalists, keeping in mind that this is an opportunity to sell the department and the community as well as evaluate the candidates. Assist the department head in creating a welcoming environment for the new hire. Make a personal effort to make the new hire feel a part of the department.
Assist the Search Advisory Committee in networking to identify a diverse pool of candidates. Review all written documentation on each finalist and be prepared to make an informed decision on them. Volunteer or suggest possible mentors to the department head.
Learn about best practices in conducting a search, questions that should not be asked of candidates, unconscious biases that can affect the search process. Provide written feedback with relevant comments to the Search Advisory Committee.